5 Ways to make your Mom feel special this Mother’s day!

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Mom, Mommy, Mama, Momshie, Nanay, Inay, Inang, Mamay, today is your day and there’s so much reason to celebrate! Happy mother’s day to us!

Being a mother is the most tiring yet fulfilling job. All the work you do out of your love for your family, that’s pure love, an unconditional love. Now that I’m a mother, what I miss the most is my mom’s tender loving care. There’s really nothing more than a mother’s love.

So, what are the best ways to celebrate this special day? How do we make our Mom a.k.a superwoman feel extra special?

1. MOM day off

Treat your mom/wife to a well-deserved break. A manicure-pedicure package, top off with spa and massage. Sounds so relaxing, isn’t it?! For those near Malvar – Lipa area, I highly recommend Trippers Nail Lounge and Spa at The Outlets Lipa. Check out our review.

2. Breakfast in bed

Every day, we wake up with breakfast and coffee/milk ready in the table. This is what I missed the most about my childhood days. So now that you’re all grown up, why not try to surprise your dear mother by preparing her favorite breakfast and serving hot coffee or cold juice in bed? You can try our easy to cook recipes.

Healthy pasta

3. Unlimited hugs and kisses

Yes, this this should not only be on Mother’s day. Do it as often as you can. For new Moms, teach your child to show affection by being an example. Show them how to be a loving daughter/son and they will be the best parents they can be.

4. Give gifts

It doesn’t have to be something expensive, it can be a simple card, a flower you picked in your Mom’s garden or any other memorabilia. What is important is the thought that you made effort to make her feel loved. If you know your Mom too well, you’ll know what she will like the most.

To name a few gift ideas, below are suggestions from my Mom friends (and my personal picks)

  1. Inspirational Books / Journal (i.e What I Love about You by Me journal )
  2. Bouquet of flowers / flowering plants
  3. Family names throw pillow
  4. Yoga mat
  5. Bags
  6. Succulent assortments
  7. Family Photo frames / Custom photo prints
  8. Cooking / kitchen utensils
  9. Accessories (i.e earrings, watch, personalized necklace and bracelet)
  10. All expense paid travel 🏖

5. Go on a vacation with the whole family

I would honestly say that this is the best way to celebrate this special day. To spend at least a day or two with the whole family, just making good memories, sharing laughter and fun. Its the simplest yet most memorable. For travel ideas and hangout spots, follow our blog here.

As the cliché saying goes, “We are all busy growing up, we forget that our parents are growing old.” This is so true that it hurts. It saddens me that I don’t get to enjoy more time with my parents since I started working and had family of my own. Admit it or not, Moms (and Dads as well) don’t usually get enough gratitude.

Take this day to review and play in your mind how have you shown your gratitude to your Mom.

To mommies reading this, you are AMAZING, you are STRONG and you are LOVED! To Dads who are both a father and a mother, Happy mothers day to you too!

Mother’s day only comes once a year so why not take this opportunity to thank your Mom for all she’s done and she has seen you through. After all, it isn’t too much to pause a moment and appreciate her every second Sunday of May and even every day.

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