6D Eyebrows Microblading by Gab Pigmentation

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Kilay is life! Unfortunately for some of us, it means waking up every day and allot some time to do our brows. Mostly, it depends on our mood to draw but we rarely make our brows perfect. Most of the the time, we just say, “Oh it’ll do!” And admit it, if we could just have ways not to do our brows and still look good, we will grab it, right? Well 6D microblading is for all of us!

Microblading is a form of cosmetic tattooing that fills in your eyebrows. It’s meant to make your eyebrows look fuller and thicker. During a microblading session, a technician uses a special tool to make tiny cuts in the skin. The tool consists of multiple needles connected to a handle. The technician inserts pigment into the cuts, creating the appearance of eyebrow hairs. The color of the pigment used will depend on your preference. (Source, Healthline)

Credits Gab Pigmentation Lipa Branch page

But why Gab Pigmentation? This clinic is awarded as 2021 Most Outstanding Microblading Clinic. You don’t want to look like Madam Kilay, do you? They also use high quality pigment for natural looking eyebrows that will last up to one to two years. Most probably, it will depend on aftercare and how your skin hold on to the pigment.

The Actual Procedure

So my cousins, sister, Tita and I went to the clinic because they’re on promo. 6D Microblading is only P2999 Buy 1 Take 1, with 2 sessions already for each person! So upon arrival, you have to fill out the form for your record then they will call you one by one and put anesthesia on your browse. This is more than an hour so it’s good that you have a companion if you hate waiting!

Credits Gab Pigmentation Lipa Branch page

After an hour, they will reapply anesthesia, it’s like a white liquid then they put on tape to hold it together. Then for the actual procedure, it’s a pity that I didn’t take pictures because they told me not to move and I kind of feel sleepy. But they draw lines using sort of strings, maybe caliper and some ink based on your actual brows, shape of your nose and face. They showed the drawings to me and asked if it’s OK, again not able to take photos, what’s wrong with me?! And I just nodded and she continued.

It was quick, probably 15 to 30 minutes, and waiting for the anesthesia was definitely longer. I can hear the slashing of my hair and skin during microblading and you can feel the pain but tolerable. This varies depending on your pain tolerance. For me, it’s OK, not that painful but for my sister and cousins, they said otherwise.

Why Should You Take This Microblading Procedure?

Well aside from the fact that you will save a lot of time, it looks pretty natural. It’s a semi permanent tattoo and it’s not like it will stay on top of your face even if your skin is already sagging due to old age.

Most importantly, you should only rely on experts and professionals and trusted clinics like Gab Pigmentation.

Gab Pigmentation Lipa Branch
Unit 19L2, Big Ben Complex, JP Laurel Highway, Lipa City, Philippines 4217
Contact Number: 0935 378 2115
Facebook Page: Gab Pigmentation Lipa Branch

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The AFTER picture is DAY 3 and I put a lot of oil so it’s shiny. It’s part of the aftercare that I will tell you in detail next time.

I will also document the healing process and aftercare so watch out for my next article. We publish new posts here and at MyKMagazine page every Saturday. Just a quick update! So far, today is my Day 6 and it looks really natural after several days of darker eyebrows. I am loving it so much! If you like this article, please like and share!

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