A Perfect Weekend at Tierra Mercedes Nature Resort

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A word of advice, always plan your trip so you won’t be disappointed. One Sunday, we walked in at Camp Pulong Gubat but sadly, all the rooms were fully booked. We’re not able to try the new facilities. Pity! If you’re planning to go too, they don’t have online booking so you have to visit the resort to make a reservation. Anyhow, we looked for another place and luckily, two executive rooms at Tierra Mercedes Nature Resort were vacant. They gave us connecting rooms. It’s a family thing, together and always connected. I love the idea!

Surprisingly, there were few people there when we arrived and we almost had the resort all to ourselves after 5PM. The staff explained that day tour ends every 5PM daily, that’s why the place seemed deserted. It was actually my second time but I didn’t explore the place few years ago due to limited time. Looking around, I was thinking to myself, Tierra Mercedes is underrated. The resort is beautifully located amidst mountain and luscious greenery. It’s summer but you can feel the afternoon breeze. So contrary to my first advice, go for unplanned trips sometimes. Because it will surprise you.

Zipline and Hanging Bridge

Summer Escapade this year

While I watched my kids, having the time of their life, swimming playfully with their cousins, I could not help but count how many times we’re out this summer. They never seem to get enough of the water.

Tierra Cuta Private Rest House

Our first trip this summer was when we celebrated my birthday at Tierra Cuta Private Rest House. The place is truly close to nature with an astonishing view of Taal Lake and Mt. Maculot. Then with my colleagues, we went to Calinisan Hotel and Resort. This one’s unique with pool of colors at night and you won’t be grilled by the sun during the day because of the covered pool.

pool of colors
Calinisan Hotel and Resort

Then we went to Balai Ising Garden Resort with my cousins and their kids too. Fully jam-packed swimming pools, they had fun with the resort’s newest water theme park. During reunion with my hubby’s side of the family, they also took a dip at Villa Marines Resort. What I am sad about was missing the beach trips, Doña Nena at Laiya San Juan with my colleagues and the Nasugbu beach trip with hubby’s relatives.

Balai Ising Garden Resort

Tierra Mercedes Nature Resort Review

Tierra Mercedes is a hotel and resort located near the Mt. Maculot trail in Cuenca, Batangas with over 7,000 sq. m. of resort space. It boasts many attractions that visitors of different ages will surely enjoy.

7ft deep pool and 80-m giant water slide
  • Mini waterpark for kids
  • 2 ft. kiddie pool
  • 25-meter lap pool, wave pool
  • 7 ft. deep pool
  • Waterslides for kids and adults
  • 80-meter giant water slide
  • Zipline and airbike
  • Billiards
  • Private KTV rooms
  • Chapel and grotto
  • Convenience store
  • Picnic huts for day tour
  • Grilling stations
  • Hotel rooms and budget rooms for overnight guests
  • Big, dormitory-type rooms for big groups
  • Function hall
  • Restaurant
Adult slide and pool

Of all the resorts we went to this summer, Tierra Mercedes was more peaceful and quiet thus perfect for lazy Sunday afternoon. I am not sure when this resort was built but the place was well maintained and the rooms were sparkling clean. The executive room was spacious, fully air-conditioned with two super comfy king beds, dining table, kitchen sink area, private toilet and shower, mini refrigarator, 40-inch TV with few cable channels but very weak WIFI.

Executive Room

We never tried the restaurant because we packed food for this trip. We spent most of our time watching the kids at mini water park. Then we joined them after dinner for a night swim. The wave pool was surprisingly strong. Imagine there’s a storm complete with lightning and thunder and you’re in the middle of the ocean, the current was that strong! It’s funny, we just stayed at the side when the wave pool was on because it might take us to deeper parts of the pool.

Kids slide and pool

Larger Slides for Kids Above 3.5 ft

I super love their comfy beds and we had a good night sleep. The next day, I allowed them to try the larger slides. Let me just tell you our parenting style, daddy’s the clown fish, Marlin. And I am Crush, the old turtle from Finding Nemo movie. He just do not want anything to happen to his kids, then true enough nothing will happen to them. Where’s the fun in that? So remember, when your children ask you if they can try the bigger slides and you’re on the verge of saying no, think about the question of Marlin. How do you know when they’re ready? And the the sea turtle who speaks like a surfer dude said, “Well, you never really know, but when they know, you know, y’know?”

Wave pool, kids and adult slide

Or you can forget about Finding Nemo and just assess the situation which my kids already did. Proud momma moment there! They stood at the place where they’re supposed to land and said they’re taller than the water. Hilarious! Good bargaining and negotiation technique at a very young age!

We spent few more hours of swimming after breakfast, tried all their swimming pools except the 7ft. deep. Climbed up the tower until our legs were tired then tried all possible slide positions down the pool. Posed and took pictures at every corner we thought were Instagrammable. Played water games and had so much fun! What a perfect weekend!

For more information, you may send email at info@tierramercedes.com or call them at +63 915 947 8245. ​Address is at 158 Geronimo Cuevas Street Cuenca, Batangas. You may also check their published rates here.

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