Algine Breadhouse, Not your typical bakery

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Algine Breadhouse started in 2016 as a small neighborhood bakery in San Pascual, Batangas. They established the bakery in a typical shop house set up. Every business started with a dream, similar to what Mery Gine envisioned and that is to manage her own business.

She used to be a nurse by profession and worked for several years abroad. Having zero knowledge in running a bakery business and little know how on bread production, she worked her way up.

Grabbing every opportunity to learn, she enrolled herself in cooking and baking class. Attended Bakery Fairs and Food Expo to know more and to improve her knowledge and most importantly, to look out for the best suppliers. Working late nights and getting up early really paid off as she now owns 2 branches and she was able to expand the production area.

What makes Algine Breadhouse different

Filipinos love breads. Like rice, these baked goodies are staple in the local dining table. It is typically consumed for breakfast or as a snack, as well as desserts. From a typical pandesal, we have grown to like the different variety of breads.

Algine Breadhouse continues to explore and innovate from the usual sweet variants to savory ones. They offer the staple varieties of breads such as pandesal, loaves, bonete, kababayan, pan de coco, pan de regla, ensaymada and many more.

Not only that, aside from breads, Algine Breadhouse also cater foods for special occasions such as puto and kutsina. If you have a sweet tooth just like me, they have desserts which are to die for. My daughter and I can consume a tub of layered cake in one sitting. For those who are watching their sugar intake you may opt for the sweet and tangy crema de fruta.

Algine Breadhouse is not your typical bakery that serves limited line of breads. Last year, we had a lechon bread for our New Year’s Eve dinner. It’s the breadhouse’s top seller during the holiday season.

They also customize cakes for special occasions such as birthdays, valentines, anniversaries and mother’s day.

Must Try

Egg pies – they have one of the best egg pies in town. Its delicate yet firm egg custard in buttery, flaky crust with the right amount of sweetness, is a perfect afternoon snack.

Pianono – from our traditional childhood Pianono, Algine Breadhouse makes it extra special. They have Classic Pianono, Ube and Chocolate Flavors.

Ube Cheese Pandesal – one of the top food trends in 2020, adding a new twist to our classic pandesal. It is ultra – soft and delicious with an intense purple -yam flavor and melty cheese filling.

Regular and Premium Donuts – So soft, fluffy and oozing with flavors. My top picks are bavarian, pineapple, strawberry, blueberry and of course the chocolate filled donuts.

Chocolate Chip Cookies – Soft and chewy, full of chocolate, with depth of flavor.

As they grow their business, they also expand the distribution network. They have resellers as far as Occidental Mindoro and Nasugbu Batangas. During this pandemic, it is also their way of helping the community by giving others the opportunity to earn.

We know that there’s no such thing as overnight success, just like a bread, it needs a dash of patience, heaping amount of hard work and a pinch of perseverance. Those involved in the baking business can guarantee that it is a rewarding and a profitable venture. We just have to be passionate on what we do in order to excel.

For orders and reservation you may reach them at

  • Email:
  • Mobile: 0905-325-9552
  • Facebook Page: Algine Breadhouse
  • Address: Poblacion San Pascual Batangas – Main Branch

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