All4U SM Lipa Unlimited Grill & Shabu Shabu

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Out to celebrate my father’s birthday, we decided to eat at All4U SM Lipa. Due to our big appetite, we opt to go to an eat all you can restaurant. I already tried it and made a short review that you can read here.

It was a very quick dinner with my colleagues for a year end party. I did not focus much on eating, as in savoring each bite, due to activities held during dinner like exchange gifts, some games and speeches.

But I distinctly remembered that I enjoyed the food and I would like to come back with my family. So I think it’s a good idea to create another blog post to update their rates and additional meals on their menu instead of updating my last entry about All4U SM Lipa.

When we arrived, there was a long queue and we waited for almost an hour. We tried to pacify the kids by roaming around. Good thing, they’re not too hungry but they’re getting impatient.

Last time, for our department’s year end party, they didn’t accept reservations but we kept insisting. I still don’t know why they allowed us to reserve but maybe because it’s a corporate reservation and it was Monday. They probably thought there will be few walk-in customers. So I didn’t even think of calling this time and it was a long wait but worth it.

All4U SM Lipa Rates and Menu

I noticed when I returned with my family that the rate changed a little bit. Last time, there was an age bracket for 12 years old below but now the rate depends on height. I thought I didn’t have to pay for my kids (7 years old kids below were free but that is not the case now).

  • Php 599 per head unlimited promo.
  • Php 350 per head for Senior citizens, PWD and birthday celebrant and kids 4.5ft. below
  • Free for kids 3.5ft below
All4U SM Lipa Menu

The regular rates for adults didn’t change. We tried Bulgoggi soup and it was good. They provided an instant ramen still in packet much to my surprise. Just ensure to check the best before dates as there was a mix up and the noodles prepared for our tables were expired already. Good thing, we saw it and the crews were truly apologetic. They immediately replaced the expired packs and it didn’t affect our dining experience. I think it was an honest mistake and not intentional.

There’s one waiter assigned per table and they were cordial and hospitable. They set the table perfectly. And all items on their menu were served already except the choice of soup so you don’t have to order initially.

Thus, we gladly grilled all the food when we’re seated. Of course, since it’s unlimited we ate all that we can. They served fresh meat and vegetables.

Important Reminders!

My personal favorite were beef Brisket (chadol, Korean cut) and fresh shrimps. My kids surprisingly ate beef too (I think they liked the sauce) and they enjoyed ice cream. Who wouldn’t enjoy the Korean ice cream (Melona)? Although you can only get one order of Korean ramen, iced tea and ice cream.

All4U, SM Lipa

Address: 2nd floor, SM City Lipa, Pres. Jose P. Laurel Hwy, Lipa, Batangas

Contact No. : 0966 977 2384

Facebook Page: All4U SM Lipa

You definitely have to try this restaurant as it is a good value for the price. This is an ideal venue for small gatherings or typical family lunch or dinner. So, thanks for reading and I hope you find this article useful. Follow our blog and official FB page for more!

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