Baguio City Family Travel Guide

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Living in tropical Batangas, it’s my ultimate wish to visit Baguio, one of the coldest place in the Philippines. We went there last January, and indeed it’s really freezing at 9 degrees. I planned a DIY family travel guide and received some recommendations. Thus I tweaked the itinerary a little bit, a perfect Baguio City family travel guide.

Kid-friendly Places and Fun Activities in Baguio City

My daughters are very active and they dislike sitting for long hours, even walking in the park. So if you have kids like mine and you’re worried then here’s a list of places and fun things to do in Baguio.

Burnham Park

You can explore the park for 3 to 4 hours. Tour around the man made lake, playground, skating area, garden and orchidarium.

What we enjoyed?

Biking Family bikes! It was fun, a bit tiring but definitely worth it. 

Rates: Php150 for group of 6, one hour.

Boat ride If you don’t usually ride small boat like us especially if you will paddle yourself then it’s a bit disorienting. Also a little movement can make the boat unsteady, such an interesting experience.
Rates: Php100 for group of 5, 30 minutes

Pictorial wearing Ifugao native clothing We got to wear an Igorot traditional clothing. I heard the giggles of my kids during the dress up. You have to wait for 40 minutes to claim your photos.
Rates: Php75 per picture with photo print as souvenir.

Recommended restaurants near Burnham Park

Kamayan sa Ganza This restaurant is very affordable with huge servings especially vegetables. Foods were served with banana leaves over the plates, tasty soup, garlic rice and salted egg. We particularly liked chop seuy and pork barbecue. This is located near the man made lake at the center of Burnham park.
Meal prices: Php85 to Php150

Good Taste Restaurant It is located at far back of Burnham Park and you have to cross the street to get there. The family meals are inexpensive. The buttered chicken for example was cut into 8 large pieces for Php200 only. The Shanghai lumpia was so crunchy and the pork sinigang soup was bitter enough to delight our taste buds.
Meal prices: Php100 to Php140 for combo meals and Php185 to Php420 for group meals

La Trinidad Strawberry Farm

It is far from our lodge and we took a taxi for P200. Most taxis are SUV types and thus can fit us all. Contrary to my original plan, I scheduled this tour early in the morning. Well-rested kids can be an enthusiastic strawberry pickers. You’ll spend 2 to 3 hours at the farm.

What we enjoyed?

Strawberry picking and eating Farm owners were proud to say that their strawberries are organic. Strawberry picking was too expensive but good thing is that my kids truly had fun.
Rates: Php500 per kilo

Wright Park

It is enough to spend 3 to 4 hours at Wright Park. There are lots of pine trees and you will also pass through Camp John Hay. This is across the Mansion, the official summer palace of the President of the Philippines. Going inside the Mansion is prohibited thus you can only take pictures a little past the gate.

What we enjoyed?

Horse back riding My eldest was hesitant at first unlike my youngest but I was able to convince her. I said she can tell her friends of her experience and that changed her mind. The 30-minute ride should be enough although it will only walk or run in circles. Unlike the one-hour ride where it will take you anywhere inside Wright Park.
Rates: Php250, 30 minutes. One person can accompany one child.

Recommended restaurants near Wright Park

Volante This is just across Wright Park down the flight of stairs where the horse back riding activity is located. It was pretty busy and we had to wait for few minutes to get a table. They rearranged dining to accommodate many people and it was too crowded. They also took a long time to serve the food. In spite of that it was worth it though a bit pricey. I particularly loved their grilled salmon belly with mixed vegetables.
Meal prices: Php96 to Php395 inclusive of 5% service charge

Mines View Park

We’re supposed to watch the sunset here but we’re a little bit early. Nevertheless the view is simply postcard perfect. There were lots of plants for sale and activities are the same as the other parks, photos wearing Igorot clothing and with ponies. Good Shepherd is also near, where Baguio delicacies can be bought like ube, strawberry jam, lengua, peanut brittle and many more. Just take note that this is open from 8am to 5pm only.

Session Road and Night Market

The best place for couples because of the night life. But since we’re with our kids, we were super tired to chill and to try the strawberry beer. We enjoyed the street food and we’re in awe of the number of people flocking the streets at the night market.

Recommended Restaurants at Session Road

Tea House Restaurant and Bakeshop The strawberry cake and spaghetti were delicious but my kids still prefer Jollibee spaghetti. The lechon and beef sauce are with vegetables so this is different from what we used to. Meal prices: Php130-180

Baguio Sky Ranch

The amusement park is near the Victory Liner terminal. We stayed there for an hour for our kids to enjoy few rides while we’re waiting for 4pm last trip. Some of the rides were mostly under maintenance and due to limited time, my kids only tried the Lolly Swing and Red Baron. We also bought cotton candy from Candy Cloud and it was awesome too. Rates: Php80 Monday – Thursday, Php100 Friday to Sunday, rides Php50-150

Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto and Baguio Cathedral

We heard mass for our last day and it was so solemn. The steps from Session Road to Baguio Cathedral and the almost 300 steps to grotto were a bit steep. Take stops to catch your breath or short break to take pictures. The grotto’s on top of the hill and you will enjoy the view.

Souvenir Shops

Shops for souvenirs are everywhere in Baguio and they have the same price for key chains, delicacies, shirts, bags and many others so do not worry. Better buy at the end of the day so you won’t have to carry it everywhere. Look for the egg-shaped “kamagong” wood used for body massage near Baguio Cathedral.

Tips for your 8-hour land trip to Baguio

  • Travel during the night.
    • Kids will be sleeping anyways.
    • There is no traffic. Usually travel time is 7-8 hours but it took us 6 hours only from Manila.
    • Also, you will not waste an entire day traveling, only to arrive there at night. Then you’ll have to wait for the next day to explore the city.
  • Take the buses from Manila to Baguio and vice versa like Victory Liner and Joy Bus.
    • Your kids can sit and sleep comfortably.
    • This is a good alternative aside from group tours usually traveling via 18-seater van.
    • Preferable than bringing or renting a car because it is really safe and no hassle plus it is way cheaper.
    • Reminder: Do not forget to book a reservation. Because when we arrived at the terminal, all trips for the next 10 hours were fully booked. Also, be there at least an hour before departure or else your seat will be given to chance passenger.
  • Think of ways to get your kids ready for the long trip.
    • Talk to your kids repeatedly that it’s going to be a long journey. My kids dislike commuting for long hours.
    • Reiterate that they can only use the comfort room during scheduled stops. So don’t give them too much liquid, there were two stops.
    • Reminder: My kids slept the entire time but bringing food is a must. Neck pillows helped a lot, do not forget them.
  • Your check-in time must be early if you are going to travel during the night. Check Le-onies Lodge as it is central to Baguio City with reasonable rates. The owner allowed putting our things at the reception, early check-in and late check-out. Superb.

Hope you find this Baguio City family travel guide. Look out for more articles and please don’t forget to share!

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