Best Toys for Kids During Quarantine

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With COVID-19 vaccine not yet available, we’re in this situation for another year, perhaps. My kids are getting used to staying at home and finally stopped asking persistently when we can go out. Anyhow, I still keep them busy with toys when they do not have online classes. It’s better than gadgets so I keep them preoccupied with what I think are the best toys for kids during quarantine.

I already bought them classic board games & DIY Slime Kit last July and they’re asking for more!

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And again, because they value their toys for few weeks until they decide they don’t like it anymore, I opt for cheaper toys once more. I browsed online and saw Buy 1 Take 1 building blocks expand and imagination Lego, Jenga wood colored blocks and Crocodile Dentist toys. Cost is only Php 486 including shipping fee from kobee866 Shop at Lazada.

Here’s why I think these are the best toys for kids during quarantine.

Building Blocks Expand and Imagination Lego

Lego (Buy 1 Take 1)

According to bricks4kids, an increasing number of parents and educators are recognizing the learning opportunities these little interlocking bricks can bring to their kids. As researchers have discovered, construction block play, like LEGO blocks, offers a full spectrum of benefits to the budding mind.

Some of these benefits are found in the usual areas, such as math, spatial activities and early engineering skills. Others are more surprising, especially social skills. Wherever your child is at in terms of age and ability and interest, and wherever your child seems to be headed, whether it’s a career in technology, engineering or even art, bricks4kids think the benefits of construction play are for everyone!

It’s smaller than I expected. Got two boxes because of the promo. I should expect it because it’s only Php 105. So cheap and yet it serves its purpose, kids are happy!

Jenga Wood Colored Blocks

Jenga Wood Colored Blocks

The game of Jenga is one of physical and mental skill. There are a number of benefits to playing the game, not only physical and mental but psychological as well. There are many benefits to playing Jenga, which include improving manual dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and strategic thinking as well as developing motor, problem-solving, and social skills, just to name a few as claimed by gamesver team!

It’s sturdy and I think it will last long! It’s affordable for only Php 158. Kids love to play Jenga with us (mom and dad). So we do this at least once or twice a week and usually during weekends when we’re not recovering lessons from kids’ asynchronous classes.

Crocodile Dentist Bite Finger Game

Croc Dentist

I saw the rules of the games from Smythstoys. The dentist who finds the sore tooth might get chomped by croc! Take turns pressing croc’s teeth to find the one that hurts. But watch out! Crocodile dentists need quick reflexes to escape croc’s bite. The last player to get chomped wins as the Crocodile Dentist game champion.

Smythstoys further explained that the Crocodile Dentist board game is great for developing motor skills, encouraging kids to move fast and test their reflexes. Kids can practise decision making and speeding up their reactions in a playful game of daring dentistry.

It’s only Php 99. So sometimes when kids drop it, we need to reassemble the pieces. It’s fun and they usually play it with their cousins age seven to nine. They’re so loud whenever they play with Croc! Hilarious!

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If you’re still running out of ideas to keep your kids preoccupied this quarantine, watch out for more! We release new article every week and we share it through our social media page, MyKmagazine!

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