BYS Cosmetics, An Honest Product Review

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What I love about being a working mom is that I have an excuse to wear barely-there makeup. Yep, I prefer an all natural makeup look when going out. Not only that, being a mom of two grade school students, I am always in a hurry in the morning so I prefer a quick fix. And because of my demanding job, I don’t have the liberty to retouch every now and then, so I need a long lasting makeup too. And finally, I don’t want to go overboard and spend so much on makeup. It must be budget friendly too! Tough standards, good thing I found BYS Cosmetics!

BYS Cosmetics

BYS Cosmetics is an Australian brand with sleek black packaging. ABS-CBN featured how BYS changed cosmetics game in PH. BYS Cosmetics was established in 2004. At its very core, BYS, empowers each and every Filipina to “Be Your Self,”. BYS Cosmetics came to the Philippines in 2012, and the beauty game has never been the same since for Filipinas. The brand is now easily top of mind for its reliable products that can transform and enhance one’s natural beauty, allowing Filipinas to express themselves.

BYS Cosmetics Product Review

I only have four makeup needs to achieve my all natural makeup look, excluding skin care products, of course. A foundation, eyebrow powder, blusher and lipstick. I also have a habit of buying one brand for all, I don’t know, probably to save time. Getting it all at one location, usually at one rack because I still need to buy some stuff for the kids or food for the pantry. Yeah, yeah, mommy stuff.

So what’s my take on BYS Cosmetics?

Creme Foundation BYS Cosmetics

During first weeks of my high fat low carb diet, I had hormonal imbalance causing pimple breakouts and dark spots. And I just had my warts and syringoma removed, so for awhile, the marks were bothering me. So I really looked for foundation with good coverage. I also like its luminous satin finish. As BYS Cosmetics claims, this Creme Foundation formulated with Jojoba Oil helps soften, hydrate and even out complexion. It includes a sponge applicator for quick on the go touch ups.

But probably, for my next purchase I will buy one shade darker than this 01 Light Beige. Often I feel that it’s not my shade, maybe too light, although my friends say otherwise. Some may consider this pricey but a little goes a long way, one dab will cover most of your face. It can be cakey sometimes specially at T-zone (I have oily skin) so I apply a thin layer only.

BYS Creme Foundation. Php699 available at Watsons.

Eyebrow Powder BYS Cosmetics

BYS believes that beautiful arches accentuate the eyes and frame the face and BYS Brow range will help create the perfect brow look with easy to use tools.

The three shades in one pallette is economical for me because I will definitely use all of them. I bought other brands with very light brown color which I don’t know where to apply, to be honest, so I just throw it untouched. It’s 01 Bold Brows. And I agree, it’s so easy to use. With very little time to prepare in the morning, it does not take me forever to apply.

Plus, I also like the brush that comes with the eyebrow powder. It’s firm, stiff, thin, in short, usable. It has angled blow brush or slanted line brush which is perfect for eyebrow filler. I don’t need to buy a separate brush because some are soft and can’t really fill in eyebrows. And you don’t have to reapply every time, it stays longer so no need to retouch.

BYS Eyebrow Powder. Php299 available at Watsons.

Blusher BYS Cosmetics

Blusher Pretty in Pink, a silky smooth blush which is effortlessly applied to cheekbones to accent, contour and define.

What I don’t like about this blusher is that it’s too glittery. And when you apply liberally, you end up with white cast on your face. So I ensure that I apply as little amount as possible though I can’t seem to achieve the pinkish glow that I desire. I will probably try other blusher because I think it is particularly appealing to teens and younger girls. Oh yes, I am a certified Tita already.

BYS Blusher. Php249 available at Watsons.

Lipstick BYS Cosmetics

BYS Velvet Lipstick is a creamy, highly pigmented formula that glides on for easy application, boasting an instant, smooth matte lip. The non-drying formulation gives full coverage that stays put throughout the day, and includes a precision applicator that coats lips in one simple swipe.

I try to avoid bloody red shades nowadays, yes, again probably because of my age. So I like this BYS Velvet Lips Liquid Lipstick. It’s 06 Bare Beauty. I’ve been a fan of matte and nude for so many years now but I’m leaning to glossy lips these past few weeks. Good thing, a colleague of mine gave me a lip gloss. Amazing combination!

BYS Velvet Lipstick. Php399 available at Watsons.

Overall, I love and I recommend BYS Cosmetics! My personal favorite are the creme foundation and eyebrow powder! A bit pricey but worth it! I will definitely stick with this brand for a while! You should try it too!

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