Coffee Jelly: Perfect Dessert for Coffee Lovers

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Province of Batangas is known as the coffee capital of the Philippines. According to history, Philippines is one of the few countries that produces four varieties of commercially-viable coffee: Arabica, Liberica (Barako), Excelsa and Robusta because of its climatic and soil condition — lowland to mountain regions that makes our country suitable for all four varieties. The first coffee tree was introduced in Lipa, Batangas in 1740 by a Spanish Franciscan monk. From there, coffee growing spread to other parts of Batangas like Ibaan, Lemery, San Jose, Taal, and Tanauan. Batangas owed much of its wealth to the coffee plantations in these areas and Lipa eventually became the coffee capital of the Philippines. For more information about the history of coffee, you may click here.

Beverage can be a Dessert too.

Coffee jelly is a dessert with coffee flavor, sugar, sweetened condensed creamer and all-purpose cream. This recipe is originated in England and Japan. Coffee jelly is a healthier alternative to hot coffee, as gelatin absorbs excess acid in the stomach.

I am not fond of drinking coffee but I really love to eat this delicious coffee-based dessert. As I have shared this dessert to my office colleagues, there was only one comment, and that is, it was made “perfectly delicious. ” As the sweetened condensed creamer and all-purpose cream ratio is balanced because it is creamy and not too sweet. Thus, coffee lovers will like this popular dessert for sure. This is perfect for all occasions. You can prepare this at home even though there is no special day to celebrate as this is an all-time favorite dessert. Plus it is quick and easy to make.

Here’s how to make the perfect coffee jelly

You will be needing the following:

  • 2 sachet white unflavored jelly powder (25g each)
  • 10 cups water
  • 4 tablespoon instant coffee powder
  • 3 all-purpose cream (250ml each)
  • 2 sweetened condensed creamer (300ml each)
  • 1/2 cup sugar


Preparation and Cooking Instructions:

  1. Prepare eight (8) cups of water (not warm or hot) in a casserole.
  2. Heat and wait until it boils.
  3. While waiting for water to boil, completely dissolve the jelly powder in a container with two (2) cups of water.
  4. Put the coffee and sugar in boiling water and stir well. Let it boil.
  5. Gradually add the jelly mixture on casserole and continously stir for about 3 minutes or until no granules are visible.
  6. Remove from heat and then pour into the mold or container and let it cool to set.
  7. Cut the jelly into cubes. You may cut the size of the jelly according to your preference.
  8. In a large bowl or container with lid combine all-purpose cream and sweetened condensed creamer. Stir well until blended.
  9. Add the jelly cubes into the mixture and mix again.
  10. Refrigerate and serve it cool.

K Kitchen’s Tips:

  • Make sure that the mixture of coffee and sugar is boiling before adding the jelly mixture.
  • Since I want the jelly to become firmer I’ve lessen the water from 6 cups per sachet to 5 cups per sachet.
  • You may opt to add/less sugar and coffee according to your taste preference.
  • The ratio is 3 (cream) is to 2 (condensed milk) as I prefer it to be creamy rather than too sweet.
  • You may also add crystals (nata de coco) but it is optional. Not yet tried but some say it is more delicious if with crystals (nata de coco). I will try to add some next time.

Preparation Time: 15 minutes

Cooking Time: 10 minutes

Estimated Cost: P300

Try to make your own version of this dessert this weekend and share also your experience and tips, just leave a comment below. For more recipes, always visit K Kitchen.

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