DIY Grazing Platter on A Budget

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It’s the holiday season once again. And truth be told, I am cringing at the thought of spaghetti, carbonara, fruit salad and the usual meals during Christmas and New Year. So for a change, I decided to have wine night and grazing platter to celebrate Christmas Eve or Noche Buena. I attended a party and had a little time preparing the platter, so surprisingly it’s easy to set-up. You’ll be amazed that all the ingredients are at your kitchen already.

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DIY Grazing Platter On a Budget

How to Prepare the Food

The meat section. Prepare first the meat because you have to cook them. Last night my choice was bacon wrapped asparagus. Just wrap the asparagus with bacon, add pepper then fry. Anything you wrapped with bacon is the best. Even my kids loved them (although they cannot eat all the asparagus). Just add Kewpie Mayo and it’s perfect. Because I was in a hurry last night, I forgot to add SPAM and Delimondo Luncheon Meat.

The cheese. Actually, I just used the Edam cheese or Queso de bola which I cut into cubes & California pepper jack cheese for the extra kick. Pepper jack cheese is flavored with sweet peppers, rosemary, habañero chilies and garlic and spicy jalapeños. I designed it triangularly for the platter.

The nuts. I think the cheapest brands are Oishi Roasted Almonds, Oishi Roasted Cashews and Growers Salted Pistachio. According to their page, Growers is a proud Filipino household brand for peanuts and other nut products. It has been making high quality snacks for over 50 years. So let us support local, shall we?

The crackers and biscuits. I bought Lotte Confectionery’s Pepero almond sticks and the nude chocolate biscuits sticks. Got some crackers from the kids’ assorted biscuit box. Bought as well delicious cube shaped hazelnut pleasure Quadratini Napolitaner by Loacker.

The fruits. I only put grapes and oranges because raspberries and blueberries are not budget friendly. You can also add apples or whatever is in season.

You can also add some appetizer like fresh vegetable spring rolls, cucumber, carrots but most likely I will only be the one who’ll eat them so I opt for Hershey’s chocolate. Add some dumplings, takoyaki or any bite size food. It’s always important that you put whatever snack your family loves!

Noche Buena 2020

How to Put It Together

Since I only have few minutes because I came from a party, I just put the nuts together same as biscuits, crackers and wafers. The Kewpie Mayo, bacon wrapped asparagus and cheese near each other. Then orange and grapes beside the chocolate bar. I preferred a circular plate but you may use chopping boards and small bowls or spoon to add design.

You can play with colors and pop it all over the platter or board so it will be Instagram-worthy. I did not put much because we’re a small family and I was worried of leftovers. After I prepared the table, we had dinner and ate our favorite meals such as crabs cooked in coconut milk, salted egg shrimp, turbo chicken and crispy fried chicken.

I opened the chilled red wine then mixed Soju and Delight Probiotic (of course, kids had soda) and my grazing platter was a hit! In fact, they’re requesting another platter for New Year’s Eve.

Christmas 2020

So, in case you’re running out of ideas of what to serve for the next occasion, the snack table is always a good idea. Your guests will not stop grazing at the platter all day and you may need to refill most of the time! Share if you like this article and follow our MyKmagazine page for more!

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