DIY Slime Kit Toy Review

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Due to this global pandemic, kids 21 years old and below are not allowed to go out and must strictly stay at home. “Bored in the house, bored in the house, bored”, my kids asked me to buy slime toys!

DIY Slime Kit Image from Adamas Official Online Store

Just so you know, I seldom give them toys because I believe in “moments not things”! But since we cannot do this now, no theme parks, no beaches, no restaurants, I have no choice but to buy them one.

Aside from our regular reading at night before going to bed, we also play Uno Cards and they’re complaining already. For a change, they said that they would like to play on their own with these slime toys. Quite rational!

So I browsed some online stores for toys since malls are still not open, and I found this DIY Slime Kit. Since it’s number 1 in popularity for slime toys, I proceeded with my purchase.

I did not tell them at first because I saw that delivery date will be after almost a month probably because of the pandemic. But they keep on asking about it so I gave in and told them that delivery will take longer because it’s from Manila.

DIY Slime Kit Image from Adamas Official Online Store

Let’s not discuss in detail their arguments as to why I did not select stores near our home. Or maybe from SM or Robinsons’. Do you have this feeling too? Sometimes I think they’re going to be lawyers someday as I always feel like I am on trial, trying to win against my kids. Haha! The store saved me from further discussions with my kids because it arrived earlier. The three weeks delivery time projection was three days in actual. Hooray!

80 Pieces Kit Supplies Handmade Creations (DO IT YOU SELF) by Adamas

The store is Adamas and for only Php 485, you can get the 80 pieces (Do It Yourself) DIY Slime Kit. It contains foam balls, fishbowl beads and glitters. There are fruit slices, pearls, slime mylar flake and containers for slime making kit. COD is available. Just heads up, accessories are itsy bitsy tiny, your kids will love it anyhow. Just look at their priceless reactions!

Excuse the quality of the video, it’s our first attempt 🙂

According to the store, it is completely a safe slime for kids, premium and environmental. It’s a bit sticky than the usual slime but my kids got used to it. I love their unboxing video, content created and directed by my sister. Please like and subscribe K&K Adventures for more vlogs!

They’re super excited to play with it and at the same time, very careful not to use or open all. I admire their control, like they’ll be terrific in budgeting. Haha!

Indeed they can take a break from gadgets and it keeps them creative. Somehow I cured their boredom and I often see my kids humming happily while making cupcakes or flower-shaped slime.

Slime Helps Children Develop Fine Motor Skills

According to, “Slime is actually highly effective at helping children develop fine motor skills.

Fine motor skills are our ability to make movements using the small muscles in our hands and wrists in synchronization with our eyes. Without proper fine motor skills, children cannot perform essential day-to-day tasks, such as writing, drawing, grabbing toys, feeding themselves, buttoning and zipping clothes.”

Therapy Tree by the way is a family therapy clinic in the US and they specialize in children. They offer speech therapy, feeding therapy, occupational therapy, reading and spelling (including dyslexia), writing and Math. They published an article “Using Slime as a Fine Motor Activity for Occupational Therapy”. So do not think twice if your kids want these slime toys.

When I have free time, I try to play with them but they have so many rules. “Mom, do not mix the colors together. If you really want to, use what we already mixed.” or “I am saving the glitters, do not use it too much!”

DIY Slime Kit Image from Adamas Official Online Store

I do not know if it’s because I told them that there won’t be a second purchase and they’re trying to save some for later. Or they just don’t want to play with me (overly sensitive momma!) Anyway, they’re blubbering about glue and activator now so they can make their own slime. They’re onto their next project!

Watch out if we’ll succeed in making our own slime. We will publish more articles for your kids’ activities this quarantine so follow for more. Thanks for reading!

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