Enchanted Kingdom’s Newest Attraction, Agila the EKsperience

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Enchanted Kingdom, the one and only world-class theme park in the country opened last 19th of October 1995. Since then, how many times did you visit the park? It’s usually the venue for educational field trips, birthdays, reunions, family day, company outings and anniversaries. So when was your last time? Because if you haven’t been there for the last three years then you are not aware of Enchanted Kingdom’s newest attraction, Agila the EKsperience.

Enchanted Kingdom Grand Entrance

From Enchanted Kingdom’s official website, “AGILA the EKsperience is the first flying theatre in the Philippines and the largest of its kind in the world! The attraction is not just the ride but every facet of the experience.

Agila the EKsperience building

The Building

“A 9 storey, 6000sqm glass encased building houses the attraction, AGILA. An iconic addition to Enchanted Kingdom’s landscape.

This modern building sits majestically at the back of Enchanted Kingdom. For online reservations, you will be passing through this Agila EKsperience entrance. A new rule instead of the usual entry near the parking lot.

Enchanted Forest

Through the chambers, an ancient talking map ushers guests through the magic hall of elements. There, wizard Eldar welcomes everyone to the Enchanted Forest and reveals his urgent flying mission. A task that can only be completed with the help of his mighty friend Agila”

From blooloop.com

Before you enter Eldar’s workshop, a sticker will be distributed for your sitting arrangement inside the theater. The map will tell you to collect three elements, air, water and earth. They are located somewhere in the Philippines. Then, you will pass the door through the magic hall of elements.

From kwenygwapo.wordpress.com

Since you are not allowed to take photo inside the theater, they arrange a similar one at the waiting area. You will then watch a video after the photo op showing the brief history of Agila the EKsperience. Finally, you will be asked to enter the Enchanted Forest. Eldar will appear and explain the task further.

The Theater

Lift off the ground via moving seats equipped with multi-sensory special effects of wind, water and eagle-like motion”

From Loopme.ph

You will line up depending on the sticker you got. At this point, you may ask how is this different from Realto. Well, it’s basically the same concept but it truly feels like flying across the Philippines. The high-end facilities of the theater produces amazing flying characteristics. “Walk inside, floor disappears, feet dangle, huge screen emerges, fly into the scene with Agila”

The Film

Witness the nature story in stunningly vivid, larger than life aerial cinematography. Splashed across the enormous 544-square meter screen. And hear an 80-piece Philharmonic Orchestra render magical music that delights the spirit.

From travelbook.ph

The beautiful mountains, oceans and scenic view of the 7,641 islands in our country that you’ll witness through flying with Agila, it’s awesome. The movement, the music, the story, it’s overwhelming and at one point, you’ll appreciate God’s creation. Indeed, a national masterpiece that makes one “proud to be Pinoy”. You really have to try this Enchanted Kingdom’s newest attraction, Agila the EKsperience.

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PUGAD, Agila’s souvenir shop

Agila the EKsperience Travel Tip

  • The regular pass for Agila the EKsperience is Php 500 separate from Enchanted Kingdom’s Unli-Ride Ticket which is Php 900 on weekend, Php 800 on weekdays.
  • To get it for free, book it through Klook for Php 785 Enchanted Kingdom Unli-Ride Ticket + Agila the EKsperience Admission Ticket (QR Code Direct Entry).
  • You will pass thru this Agila the EKsperience entrance if you booked online. No hassle, no long lines, no need to wait!
  • You can present either a printed or a mobile voucher for this activity
  • This voucher is valid for three months from the date of purchase
  • You can enter the attraction directly with this voucher

Enchanted Kingdom Opening Hours:

  • Opening hours vary between 10:00am-12:00pm on different days
  • Closing hours vary between 7:00pm-9:00pm on different days
  • Please check the park’s opening hours before your visit


  • Enchanted Kingdom, San Lorenzo Rd, Laguna, Santa Rosa, 4026 Laguna

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