Etihad Airways business class flight

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Etihad airways is the second largest airline in the UAE and is said to be one of the world’s best airlines. Roughly speaking, etihad translates as ‘together’ or ‘join as one’. As of June 2019, Etihad serves 81 passenger and cargo destinations across Africa, Europe, North America, Asia and Australia from its hub at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

For my recent trip to Germany, I was able to try for the first time Etihad’s business class flight. To help you decide on which airline to choose on your next trip, I have listed down perks and some points to take note of. This is but an honest review.

Fast check-in

Just like any other business class flight, you are entitled for priority check-in. Sad experience though, fast lane at Abu Dhabi airport was closed so we had to queue in the long line of passengers at the international transfer.

Lounge access

Etihad’s partner lounge at NAIA Terminal 1 is a little less than I expected. There were limited food and drink choices and the worst thing is, there is no comfort room. You have to go down to 3F, which means you have to bring your luggage with you. Quick tip for you, go to the toilet before going to the lounge so you don’t have to go up and down.

Welcome drinks

Welcome aboard! You get to have welcome drinks of your choice. They offer orange juice, lemon with mint, sparkling or still water and champagne.

Dining Service

Dine anytime. You can have your meal at the time of your choosing. You can sleep right ahead and enjoy your dinner later or breakfast earlier. Food in general is great.

Seating arrangement and features

Boeing 787-9 aircraft has a more comfortable fully flat beds compared to Boeing 777-300er. It’s more spacious and gives you extra leg room. What I like most with the seating arrangement is that it gives more privacy both for solo travelers (who doesn’t want to be bothered) and even those with companion.

All seats has a direct aisle access which means you need not bother your seatmate just to pass through. One thing to mention though, the seat is fit for an average size person like me (Europeans may find it a little too small).

One more thing I like about the seats is the massage feature which adds more to the relaxing feeling.

On board entertainment selection

There is a wide range of movie and music selection on board. From old movies to the latest ones from the cinema. The only thing I don’t like is that it keeps on hanging up and the old remote control doesn’t work well.

Travel essential kit

Just a typical travel kit with perfume sampler, toothbrush, hand cream, socks and sleeping eye mask.

Abu Dhabi airport business class lounge

Etihad Lounge is spacious and has a relaxing ambiance. The lounges are strategically located at Terminal 1 and 3, you can choose which one is near your boarding gate. The lounge in T3 is larger than in T1 but still it can be full and crowded at times. I’ve read some reviews that the food is not that great, this I was not able to prove wrong since I was too full from the food in the plane. There were tons of food to choose from, variety of fruits, pasta, meat, pastries and salad.

There is also a spa which is free for first class passengers but comes with a price for business class passengers. Toilet and shower rooms are also available. A playroom full of toys and equipped with television set will keep your little ones occupied and entertained. What I can only comment on is the lack of private space to take a nap.

I want to give special mention to the good quality of service at the lounge. I would say that having a lot of Filipino staff in the lounge made the service extra special.

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Final thoughts

Overall, it was a positive experience. There were just little things that made the experience not a very good one like the transport from terminal to aircraft. Yes, they do have airport bus but having to carry your luggage up and down the stairs to and from the aircraft is not a very good idea.

Hope to have shared with you all important information you wish to know. If you think that this article is helpful, please do like and share. Subscribe to our blog for more related articles. Happy travels!

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