Experience paradise in Paradis Island

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Paradis island is a place you would dream of waking up to every day. That’s how I would best describe it. This off-grid private island is nestled in Lumot lake, Cavinti, Laguna.

Just the thought of staying in an island and destressing is really thrilling. After a year of incomparable stress caused by the pandemic, this vacation is something we’ve been eagerly looking forward to. What excites me more is that it’s my daughter first time to experience an island life, even just for a day.

About the island

Paradis, in French translates to “paradise” and the island really lives up to it’s meaning. The island is best known for it’s instagrammable glamping tents and bohemian garden set-up. It is a 3-4 hour drive from Manila which makes it a perfect weekend get away. It is a 6800 sq.m island with two villas and surrounded with picturesque lake scenery.

Once you arrive at the island, you will be welcomed with a beautiful greenery and pristine view of Lake Lumot. Such a calming and breathtaking sight! It will surely make you forget that we are in the midst of a pandemic. For once, I felt like covid doesn’t exist.

The garden beside our villa

Villa rental and other costs

There are two villas for rent in the island. We rented Villa 1 with four bedrooms, a spacious living room, kitchen and dining table. Villa rental starts at Php 5,900 which covers three guests plus additional Php 1000 per adult and Php 500 for kids.

Aside from the villa rental, other costs would be the cleaning service of Php 800 and boat rental of Php 750 for a small boat.

You can’t bring cars in the island but , worry not, your car is safe in the multipurpose gym and parking space near the boat terminal with parking fee of Php 200 per night.

Since Paradis is an off-grid island, they only operate with solar panels in the morning and generator set at night. Rooms are not air-conditioned and you won’t need it anyway. There are fans in the room to keep it well ventilated and it can actually get chilly at night. I suggest that you bring power banks just to be sure that your phone has enough battery to capture the beauty of the island.

What to do in Paradis island

You do have a lot of activities to choose from. All of these perks are inclusive in the villa rates which makes it a fairly nice deal.

Glamping experience with signature bohemian set-up. This is what we enjoyed so much, lounging by the lake at night with this romantic table setting. Lucky enough that the weather was fine during our stay, we get to chill outside until late night chatting over a bottle of wine and some chips.

Fishing (with free use of fishing rods)

We did enjoy kayaking around the island. Such a stress reliever! The kids love it and of course, yours truly, a certified kid at heart.

Biking with the vintage bike and posing in other spots perfect for photoshoot. Indeed an instagrammable view.

Flower kawa bath. The only thing which I think I can comment on is the maintenance of the kawa. On our villa side, there was only one kawa which can be used so we literally squeezed ourselves in.

Lake sunset watching in the floating cabana or bamboo lounge. You can also opt to have your food served here.

There are a lot other activities to enjoy in the island, like relaxing in the hammocks, egg chair, hanging bed and tree hut. You can also make use of game boards in the villa or play outdoor games such as volleyball. You can also try mango picking, depending on the season.

Food and meals

If you have to prepare food and wash the dishes while on vacation, then it would not really feel like a vacation. To avoid the fuss of bringing foods to cook, we opted to arrange pre-order meals in the island. And it was the best decision! Nanay Maria is such a great cook, all the dishes we have tried are oh so yummy especially the grilled chicken.

So yummy that I didn’t get a chance to take photos of it. I highly suggest that if you would stay in the island, try their in-house cooking. It’s the best.

That’s it, that sums up our short trip in the island. For more details about bookings and other queries, please check their official FB page with all the FAQ’s about Paradis island.

If you want more travel stories and recommendations, do follow our blog. Together, let’s complete our travel goals this 2021. Do keep in mind to always stay safe on your travels. Ciao!

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