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“Widen your world.” Turkish airlines encourages you to experience the best of what the world has to offer.

If you are just about to book your next flight and considering to book Turkish Airlines Business Class, then it’s best if you take time to read this article.

I just had a recent trip to Germany and had the privilege to fly with Turkish Airlines. It was a long haul flight from Manila to Istanbul (12 hours and 30 minutes)  and a short flight from Istanbul to Frankfurt (3hours and 15 minutes). Each flight has a different service as service depends on the length of flight, whether its long or short haul.

Even before your flight, you can enjoy the privileges exclusive for business class guests.

Fast check-in

Business class passengers gets access to priority check-in. No long queue at all. Check-in luggage is also tagged as priority, thus, no need to wait in the baggage reclaim upon arrival at your destination.

Lounge access

Waiting for your flight will never be boring as you can sit and relax in the lounge and enjoy unlimited food and drinks of your choice.

Welcome aboard!

Welcome drinks and service

Guests are welcomed on board with choices of juice (orange, raspberry and lemon mint) and water. Wine and other beverages are also available while in-flight menu is offered before take-off. Cabin crew also offers to hang your coat in the cloakroom and return it upon landing. Just after take-off, noise cancelling headphones are provided by the cabin crew. Comfortable pair of slippers can be used to keep your feet feel rested. Hot towels are also served to make you feel refreshed before the flight (also served before and after meals).

Dining service

For long haul flights, two sets of meal is served. First meal is usually served once the seat belt sign is off but it can be served by the cabin chef anytime of your choosing. You can choose not to be disturbed in your sleep, just post the sticker in the side table.

Lie flat seat

A 12-hour flight can be very tiring if not for the comfortable and spacious seat. You can choose your configuration if you want to just recline the seat or let it lie flat for utmost comfort. The controls give you full control over your seat position. The cabin crews also provided a thin mattress, pillow, blanket and duvet just after take-off.

On board entertainment selection

Each guest has an access to a television built at the back of the seat in front, it also comes with a retractable remote control accessible from the side of your seat.

You can choose from a wide range of available movies on board, from blockbuster, premiere, award winners and many others. Not just that, music of all genre is also available in your playlist. If you want to stay connected while flying, worry not because wifi on board is also available. Log in requires last name and seat number only. There is also a flight tracking app which you can use to check your journey details.

Free travel essential kit

The crews provided socks and eye mask included in the free kit to keep you more comfortable in your flight. And no, not just an ordinary kit, a set of toiletries from Versace exclusively made for Turkish airlines. Other travel essentials included in the kit are refreshing mist, lip balm, body lotion, perfume sampler, toothbrush and earplugs.

Other services

The airline offers other perks aside from the very good quality of service. You can earn more miles  from the airlines’ Miles & Smiles Program. This is a program mostly beneficial for those frequent traveler. You can earn miles every time you fly with Turkish airline and Star Alliance member airline flights.  In addition to this, you can earn Miles when purchasing services from their program partners, like hotel booking, car rental, healthcare, training and insurance, as well as when you shop at the Shop&Miles store.

Welcome to Turkish Airlines CIP Lounge

Considered the world’s meeting point, Istanbul airport. When flying internationally, you can take advantage of the Turkish airline CIP Lounge at Istanbul airport.

I would say that entertainment and comfort is the exact description of what the CIP lounge has to offer. Relax and refresh before the flight, go ahead and take your time. They have comfortable couches, children’s play area and even private suites.

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Final thoughts

Crossing multiple time zones can be quite a challenge if not for the comfort provided by the airlines. Thanks to the quality service provided by Turkish airlines, I arrived fresh and well rested. I would definitely recommend you to try and experience their business class flight.

Hope to have shared with you all important information you wish to know. If you think that this article is helpful, please do like and share. Subscribe to our blog for more related articles. Happy travels!

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