Eyebrow Microblading After Care and Stages of Healing

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It’s been a almost a month since I had eyebrow microblading at Gab Pigmentation Clinic. If you want to know the microblading procedure, you can read the 6D Eyebrows Microblading by Gab Pigmentation article. Now, I will let you know in detail the eyebrow microblading after care and stages of healing that happened to me.

Again, microblading is a form of cosmetic tattooing that fills in your eyebrows. It’s meant to make your eyebrows look fuller and thicker. During a microblading session, a technician uses a special tool to make tiny cuts in the skin. The tool consists of multiple needles connected to a handle. The technician inserts pigment into the cuts, creating the appearance of eyebrow hairs. The color of the pigment used will depend on your preference. (Source, Healthline)

I really like this illustration by Gab Pigmentation because it gives a summary of what will happen to me in the days to come. So no surprises! Although the first week, they’re really dark and not to mention the ointment that I had to apply. It makes my eyebrows really oily and it raised a lot of question in the office but as cliche goes “tiis ganda!” LOL!

May be a cartoon of 3 people and text that says 'Day 1 Day 2-4 Day 5-7 SAMHAUNT! ILOVE my new brows!!! Day 8-10 UGH! They're a little too Theyre patchy and dark! peeling! Day 14-28 After Touch-up My brows are gone!! Oh wait! The color is coming back! ILOVE IT! ILOVE THEM!!'
Stages of Healing After Eyebrow Microblading by Gab Pigmentation

Eyebrow Microblading After Care for 7 Days

After the procedure, Gab Pigmentation provided the eyebrow microblading after care and I had to purchase the ointment and solution. So what I should not do after?

Do not wash with water for 24 hours so it will not be swollen.

Eyebrow make up is not allowed for 7 days

Do not wash with soap after 7 days

The Ointment

  • Apply ointment in the eyebrows every hour to moisturize it.
  • Before going to sleep, apply generous amount to keep it moisturized overnight.
  • While taking a bath, apply again a generous amount to ensure that the pigments will not be soaked with water.
  • If steps are followed, you should consume all the ointment after 7 days so pigments will not fade.
  • If it’s still itchy after 7 days, you can still use the ointment in case with leftover.

The Solution

  • Use the solution after 24 hours.
  • Damp it gently using cotton balls and ensure not to press hard.
  • Apply four times a day. Before and after taking a bath, before going to sleep and when you wake up in the morning.
  • Always apply ointment after the solution.

Gab Pigmentation strongly recommends to follow this instructions to avoid wound scabs and pigment fading. So I religiously followed! But if after 20 days and the eyebrows are faded already then book for second session.

Stages of Healing

As I mentioned earlier, it was a little inconvenient for me because it’s really dark and oily due to the ointment. If it only happened when I was working from home then it should be OK. So what happened to me after?

Day 1. I love it! If not for the ointment in the picture, it looks natural and perfect!

Day 2-4. It was so intense because it’s super dark! If not for the stages featured by Gab Pigmentation, I will think that I did something wrong. My husband was calling me names already like “Madam Kilay”, “Good morning, Kilay”! And imagine you’re surrounded by bully officemates and your eyebrows are shining, shimmering and too dark. LOL!

Day 5-7. This is the difficult part for me because it’s so so so itchy! Like you want to get something to scratch it off so hard! I think I scratched them when I was sleeping making it patchy ang peeling. But no, it’s normal and part of the stages of healing.

Day 8-10. It’s fading! At one point, I was thinking of putting eyebrow make-up but it’s for a few days only. The itch was gone, thank God!

Day 14-28. The color was returning and it’s looking natural and perfect like Day 1. At this stage, you’re feeling relieved that you don’t have to do your brows every morning and you utter the words “I woke up like this!” Haha! I love them indeed!

It will last for two to three years so book an appointment at Gab Pigmentation Lipa Batangas Branch.

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