Finally Tried Samgyupsalamat in Tambo Lipa City

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Finally, I tried Samgyupsalamat in Tambo Lipa City. I often saw the long queues on my way home as this unlimited Korean BBQ restaurant is just along the highway. Thus, I wondered when the “Unli Korean BBQ fever” will subside. Because I will definitely run out of patience while waiting for my turn. Not sure about the other branches but Samgyupsalamat in Tambo Lipa City does not accept phone or online reservations. They do accept walk-ins and they will call your name “3 times”. If you are not around, they will proceed to next customer and your name will be void.

Samgyupsalamat Tambo Lipa City

It was a weekday when my husband suddenly craved for Korean food, I never missed a beat and said yes too soon. There are so many Korean BBQ spots in Lipa-Malvar area now. I already tried All4U and I love it. But ever since the opening of Samgyupsalamat in Tambo Lipa City, there were less crowd, finally! So we headed there one rainy Thursday evening.

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From the about us page of Samgyupsalamat, the name was coined from the word “Samgyupsal” which means “Pork belly” in Korea, and “Salamat”, which means “Thank you”, in Filipino. Combining the two, it makes “SAMGYUPSALAMAT”. It is a kind of a language play but to add meaning on it, it means, “Thank you for eating Samgyupsal”. Samgyupsalamat is an Unlimited Korean BBQ Restaurant with over 30 branches in Metro Manila.

Samgyupsalamat Menu, Prices and Promo

Menu, Prices and Promo of Samgyupsalamat Lipa

  1. Happy Hour Promo – served from 10:00AM – 03:00PM only
    • Unli 1 Php 399 per head (Pork 5 Kinds)
    • Unli 2 Php 449 per head (Pork & Beef 10 Kinds each)
  2. No Time Limit – served from 03:00PM – 12:00AM only
    • Unli 1 Php 449 per head (Pork 5 Kinds)
    • Unli 2 Php 499 per head (Pork & Beef 10 Kinds each)
Samgyupsalamat 1st floor

You have to take note of the following:

  1. Happy hour promo is only available during weekdays (Monday to Friday) except weekends and holidays.
  2. The unlimited menu is available only if there are at least 2 paying diners per table.
  3. Same unlimited course should be chosen per table.
  4. You can order maximum 2 kinds of meats at one time, after you finish eating those meat, then you can order again.
  5. Php 200 will be charged for left over raw meat per table.
  6. You are not allowed to take out the left over food.
Samgyupsalamat 2nd floor

When we arrived, we waited for a few minutes for them to set our table. It’s almost 08:00PM. No queue, perfect! The first floor has 10 tables while the second floor is much more spacious with around 15 tables. Four persons can sit each table. You cannot rearrange the table for a large family. But it’s not too far apart, you still can enjoy your family lunch or dinner together.

Samgyupsalamat 2nd floor

The table setting was perfect. Side dishes were served; fresh lettuce, onion, radish, pamuchin and special sauces. They also served soup, steamed rice, kimchi, steamed egg, sweet potato and iced tea. Then we ordered samgyup meats 2 to 3 kinds each time. There are 10 kinds of meats to choose from.

Samgyupsalamat table setting good for two persons

Samgyupsalamat Meats

  1. DAE-PAE – thin slice fresh pork belly
  2. BUL-JIB – tenderized fresh honeycomb pork belly
  3. YANGNYUM DAE-PAE – sliced fresh pork belly with special seasoning sauce
  4. GOCHUJANG SAMGYUP – sliced fresh pork belly marinated with sweet and spicy sauce
  5. YANGNYUM BUL-JIB – tenderized honeycomb pork belly marinated with special sweet soy sauce
  6. BEEF SAMGYUP – thin sliced fresh Angus beef belly
  7. YANGNYUM BEEF – sliced Angus beef belly with special seasoning sauce
  8. BEEF BOOLGOGI – Korean style Angus beef marinated with sweet soy sauce
  9. GOCHUJANG BEEF – sliced Angus beef belly marinated with sweet and spicy sauce
  10. SARSA BEEF – sliced Angus beef belly marinated with special sarsa sauce

If you’re looking for other Korean food, Samgyupsalamat in Tambo Lipa City also serves:

  • Gyeran Ramyun, Korean noodle with egg for Php 120.
  • Douk Ramyun, Korean noodle with Korean rice cake and egg for Php 150.
  • Gyeran Mari, rolled fried egg with vegetables for Php 180.
  • Rabokki, Korean noodle rice cake with sweet and spicy sauce for Php 200.

My personal favorite are beef boolgogi, dae-pae and beef samgyup. We never tried all meats but the ones with the sauces, I can only eat few bites. It’s tasty and full of flavors, indeed delicious but not too much. The ssamjang sauce with lettuce and side dishes are enough for me to enjoy the samgyup meats without seasoning. But of course, you may want to try all to say that you completed the Samgyupsalamat unlimited Korean BBQ experience. Just make sure that you have a big appetite! You know what they say in Korean, 많이 드세요 – Man-hee deu-se-yo – Have a great meal!

Follow their official facebook page, Samgyupsalamat Lipa Branch. It is located at Den Bldg. Purok 2, JP Laurel Hiway, Tambo, Lipa City. (Beside Seasons Lipa Bldg.) You can call them at 09668935353.

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