Grocery shopping 101 for our so-called ‘alay’

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A trip to the grocery store has been a usual family bonding for us every Sunday after church. Doing it together makes it fun, but because of the enhanced community quarantine, only one person per household is allowed to go out.

Viral posts about husband’s epic grocery shopping experience during this quarantine has been circulating online and many of us can relate to it. One of which is Pepe Hernandez’ trending post about his plea for wives to at least organize the shopping list.

Quarantine period will be over, hopefully sooner and not later but I believe these shopping tips is not yet too late. In the new normal situation that we will be in, things will never be the same as it was before. For sure it will be a big help if husbands can perfect the art of grocery shopping.

Now let’s start listing down some of Pepe’s practical tips.

Indicate the quantity on each item

Imagine if your husband comes home with one piece of fish paired with a piece of onion and garlic. You can’t just simply blame them though, probably next time you can prepare a more detailed list with quantity and unit of measure.

Keep the list in sequence ( per section)

Wifeys may have memorized the aisles and sections in the grocery store, but don’t expect your hubbies to know it like you do. Keep the list organized. As easy as it sounds but it might be a challenging treasure hunting experience for them if not well guided.

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MyKmag tip: Go through the list together to ensure that you don’t miss anything

Mention specific brand

Not just brand but the generic name as well. One time I listed only the brand of the feminine wash and did not mention that it is actually a feminine wash. Hours later, I got a call from hubby saying it’s out of stock. But I would bet, he’s been searching in the facial wash section.

Provide options/alternatives

Expect that most of the items you listed may be out of stock due to the kind courtesy of the hoarders. It would be good to provide options like if you can’t find tuna flakes in oil, then corned tuna would be fine. No need for unnecessary video calls if options are on hand.

Be very specific

I laughed out loud reading Pepe’s hilarious rants about the ‘wrap’ at the end of the list. But he has a very valid point, it can be a lumpia wrapper, food wrapper, ice candy wrapper or even gift wrapper.

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Make sure to write the correct spelling

Don’t make it a guessing game for your husband to understand what you put on your list. Double check your list and ensure that everything is clear and well written. Take note that your well prepared list is the key to a successful grocery shopping.

Don’t buy anything not included in the list

If you think that you’re doing your wife a favor by buying something you think she might have forgotten to include in the list, you are completely wrong! As for your wife, initiative is far different from being the “wiser” one. Might as well stick to the list.

Don’t get mad if he missed something on the list

Going out and being the weekly alay is hard enough as it is. Your husband is your silent frontliner, give him the credit he deserves. If he forgot something, then maybe there is a good reason. Forgive, understand and don’t over react. Else, you do the shopping by yourself!

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Quarantine period is of course not a very good situation, but there’s always something good in everything. If not for the quarantine, your husband wouldn’t learn how to do grocery shopping. Well of course this is not true for everyone. For some, husbands know it better than their wives. My husband is actually good at it even before the quarantine, I would not say better than me but he’s doing it really well.

So, how’s your husband’s experience with grocery shopping? Did he do it right? Or he failed because of your badly prepared list? Comment and share us your experience.

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