Growing up in a Broken Home, a Curse?

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Everyone dreams of a perfect family filled with love, happiness and security. A complete family consisting of a father, a mother and children. Parents play a major role as they raise their children thus they must give their wholehearted love and care. On the other hand, taking the right path to achieve the dreams of every child requires guidance and support from parents. But how does it feel growing up in a broken home? There are no words that can explain what it feels like, or what it means to be a product of a broken family.

Pain is inevitable.

I was then twelve when my father left us. At first, it seemed okay, that everything was fine. But as I got older and became mature I feel like I am missing something. My life was not easy without a father’s care, he used to be my mentor during my childhood. Though my father provided financial support, it was not enough. So, my mother had to work and still with her salary, we were struggling to make ends meet. I had to help my mother do the house works such as washing our clothes, cleaning the house, cooking our meals, ironing clothes, while she was working. A routine I did for a decade while my classmates were doing teen stuff like trying out new lip tint, chasing boy bands and crushing on cute boys.

At my young age, I was deprived of the love and care that parents should give. They were incapable of buying material things that I wanted when I was a child due to financial problem. I can even count on my fingers how many times I ate at Jollibee, those few meals that made me happy. Since childhood, I kept on praying that someday my family will be complete again until I totally gave up and lose hope.

A broken family was embarrassing, that was my perception when I was in high school. I sometimes asked myself why I need to suffer while my classmates were so happy with their own families. Seeing others celebrate special occasions and holidays with their parents together made me hurt so badly. Despite the hardships in my life, my family being broken, I remain positive.

Always look into the brighter side.

Be physically and emotionally stronger. You must know how to handle different kinds of emotions. This enhances you, molds you to become a strong and better person. And believe that the hardest point of your life may knock you down but you will keep getting up.

Be independent and motivated. Use your bad situations, disappointments and frustrations to better oneself. Compete with no one but yourself and know that you can succeed with or without the help of others. Your success depends on you. You have to hope for a better future and not dwell in the past. Be open-minded and just focus on achieving your goals.

Be happy. No one is in-charge of your happiness except you. You can not please everybody. You do not have to explain yourself. Life does not end there, you do not need a complete family to be happy. Find a person who will accept what you have gone through. Trust that there is someone destined for you who will make things right and will make sure that your children will never feel the same mess again, unloved and unwanted.

Value simple things in life. A person who comes from a broken family knows the feeling of having nothing. Thus we appreciate every little things in life like graduating, getting a job and helping others. Material things cannot give you happiness. I find it so fulfilling to share because I have been there at the receiving end. Cliche as it sounds but giving is so much better than receiving. Because it means you have so much more to provide.

Growing up in a broken home is not a curse, in a way it is a blessing if you choose to see it that way. This aspect of your life will shape and mold you but it doesn’t define who you are. You may come from a broken family but you are not broken. You are strong. Always remember that life is beautiful and whatever happens, you must go on.

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