Heaven’s Heart Magnetic Acupuncture Massaging Insole

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Are you bloated or constipated? Do you suffer from leg cramps or you’re stressed lately? Do you want to lose weight? I came across this Facebook sponsored video and saw the heaven’s heart sole advertisement. This insole has magnetic acupuncture massaging technology with lots of health benefits.

I was captivated by the narration of an old woman, Kane Tanaka, who was into terrible accident that almost took her life. Doctors told her family that she only had one week. Until one day, a doctor of Japanese Emperors cured her by pressing certain points of her feet for 30 minutes daily. Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara then created this acupuncture massaging insole. He called this ancient method “yuiitsu no kokoro” or MindInsole.

Heaven’s Heart Insole
Photo Credits to Heaven’s Heart Shop

What is This Ancient Japanese Medical Knowledge

According to Kane Tanaka, the foundation of life is in our feet. They support our entire body and if we press specific parts of our feet, it activates 26 bones in each foot creating a strong foundation for our body. Watch the video here.

If you check Heaven’s Heart Shop, it claims important health benefits as follows:

  • Comfortable massage effects
  • Reduce muscle pain, relieve stress
  • Relieve tired and aching feet
  • Magnetic massage can promote blood circulation absorbing the heat, urge the deleterious material of the blood vessel such as calcium, lactic acid and uric acid to excrete out quickly
  • Strengthen health and resist illness
  • Alleviate leg pain
  • Reduce foot odor
Photo taken from Heaven’s Heart Shop

At this point, I should explain why I bought this insole. Well my father’s arthritis is terribly bothering him and I thought maybe it can help relieve the pain somehow. I ordered heaven’s heart insole at their Heaven’s Heart Facebook page by sending a message and I availed the 3 + 2 promo for Php 2095. Within few hours, I received confirmation and they told me that delivery is within 5 to 8 days excluding holidays and weekends. You need to inform them the quantity of order, your name, address and cellphone number. Shipping is FREE and it is cash on delivery nationwide.

I didn’t have any intention of using them but since I ordered five, I gave it a try when I received the items two weeks later. Before I tell you what I felt when I started using it, you have to know that I have slow metabolism, constipated most of the time and with infrequent bowel movements. Call it sign of aging but I am blaming my desk job, sitting for almost 8 hours for 5 days a week. I have to hit the gym every other day, drink lots of water and increase fiber intake.

What I Felt When I Started Using Heaven’s Heart Sole

During the first week, I already felt the effects. I throw out gas from the stomach to the mouth, the same feeling when I do a 3K run. From two to three times a week, my bowel movements became three times a day. I lose 5 kilos in two weeks and I was ecstatic. I never went to gym and did not follow any diet. Today is my third week and it normalized to one to two bowel movements daily. Now, I always feel thirsty thus I often urinate but still at normal rate.

Heaven’s Heart insole is truly amazing. Indeed it helped my father ease leg pain and his usually swollen feet looks normal now. We’re using it during week days for 8 hours and we immediately felt the effects on our first week. My father does not have bowel movements problems but he’s also urinating more than usual. I have yet to convince my husband as he complained that it hurts his feet after using it for the whole day. So I suggested using the insole for few hours only.

Because of the health benefits, I offered to my colleagues the extra two insoles for Php419 each, same price I paid. They also noticed my weight loss and they became interested. Most of my officemates overheard and they made 2 orders for the 3+2 promo and even got 5% discount. I encouraged my relatives to buy too and I taught them how to place their orders.

Why Buy From Heaven’s Heart Shop

Now, you may google this magnetic insole and you will get lots of results but I chose to buy from them. You see, for every successful purchase, a portion is given to their chosen foundation. Here’s the message they sent me.

“We at Heaven’s Heart & Operation Blessings would like to Thank You from our hearts for all your donation for January!

Your help will change thousands of lives with our programs and projects!

May God give it back to you a hundred folds!”

“whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord. and he will repay him for his deeds.”
– Proverbs 19:17

Lovely isn’t it? Get your pairs now and be sure to purchase from Heaven’s Heart Shop. Always follow mykmag.com for Fab Finds.

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