Home-based Business Idea – Cheese Pimiento Spread

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If you would like to know more about pimientos, here’s a little info. Pimientos are red bell peppers that have been broiled or grilled until the skin are blacken. Grilled bell peppers add a smokey flavor. Red bell pepper are sweeter than the green ones.

Cheese Pimiento spread is my all-time favorite spread specially during my early years in school. I love how balanced the flavors are, as well as its creamy texture. This spread is so easy to make using only 4 ingredients, such as Mayonnaise, Cheddar Cheese, Condense Milk, and Pimiento. You can also involve your kids in doing the spread as they will enjoy grating cheese and mixing the ingredients. This is a fun and memorable bonding moments for Moms and your little kiddos.

Prepare the ingredients:

1 can pimiento – available at your local supermarket. You may also opt to do it yourself, simply cut the red bell pepper remove the seeds and grill over low fire.

3 cups grated cheese – I prefer eden cheese for its creamy and well balanced taste. It also works well with queso de bola if you have left over from the holidays.

2 cups mayonnaise

½ cup condense milk


  1. Drain your canned pimiento and cut into small pieces
  2. Finely grate your cheese
  3. Combine the mayonnaise and cheese
  4. Add the pimento and condense milk,  stir well until all the ingredients are evenly distributed.
  5. Transfer in a dry jar or container and refrigerate
  6. Serve and Enjoy

Perk up your kids snacks with this cheese pimiento spread. They would love it over hot pandesal or softy bread even on bread sticks and crackers. You may also use it as dips for nachos and chips and serve during family meals. This is also a good sandwich spread for packed lunch if your kids are already going to school. You can even bring this to office and share with colleagues over coffee break. Basically cheese pimiento just goes well with anything and just about everything.

Entrepreneur moms can also use this recipe for their home-based business. For every five jars, you can earn Php 150.00 given the suggested retail price. Earnings will be more if prepared in bulk or you can check suppliers and negotiate lesser price for the ingredients. I recommend Jarshopph for your containers and you can check jar prices at their FB page here. Take note that they only have direct pickup at Sorrento Oasis Condo. Lalamove deliveries are still available. No down payments required but just ensure that you pickup as scheduled. They do not have direct meetups elsewhere but they do have online shop at Lazada and Shopee. Jarshopph conditions are: Only one box per checkout is allowed for them to approve the order. You may combine seals with a box of jars but do not mix 2 boxes of jars in one shipping transaction.

  • Preparation Time: 8 minutes
  • Cook Time : 1 minute
  • Estimated Cost : Php 200.00
  • Yield : 5 jars ( 120 ml)
  • SRP : Php 70.00

Karen’s Kitchen Tips:

Make sure to place your bottled spread in the fridge after using. If properly stored it can last for 5 days to 1 week. For better shredding and handling of cheese freeze it for at least an hour. There are also available shredded / grated cheese at your local super market but I highly recommend to shred your own cheese as store bought shredded cheese has coatings to prevent it from clumping. If you prefer to make it as a dip, simply add more mayonnaise or Greek Yogurt.

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