How to Cure your Child’s Tonsillitis in 3 Days

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I was so upset for missing my youngest daughter’s power speech contest. No, not because of work, but my eldest was sick. I filed a vacation leave days before the event but I had to take care of my other daughter. She had on and off fever due to swollen tonsils or tonsillitis.

She skipped school the day before to see a doctor. I was at work when my husband called and he told me that she had difficulty swallowing. Few hours later, she got chills and with high temperature. After check up, my husband immediately bought the medicine prescribed by her pedia. My eldest uncomplainingly drink them but it didn’t cure her right away.

Paracetamol, Php 150
Expectorant, Php 120
Co-amoxiclav, Php 350

The first night, I had to administer her medication. She needed to drink Paracetamol for her fever and rubbed whatever part of her body she said was aching. I had to put wet towel on her forehead, hugged and kissed her here and there. I gave her water when she asked for it and whispered tender, loving words when she’s crying.

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The next day, the day of the contest, I was feeling ill too due to lack of sleep, I asked my youngest that I had to take care of her “ate” and will miss her school’s activity. Good thing, she understood and she asked for his father, at least, to accompany her. I rarely use my vacation leaves, only for important occasions just like this and missing it because her sister was sick saddened me.

Tonsillitis in Children: What to do

My kids, when sick, look for me most of the time. If I am not around, they’re restless and they can’t seem to sleep for a longer duration. In case your child has tonsillitis with fever, follow what we did to get rid of it.

Gargle with warm salt water every morning and before going to bed. It’s an an effective way to relieve discomfort from sore throat. According to medical news today, it significantly reduce levels of mouth bacteria.

Take medication regularly, follow doctor’s prescription, instructions and dosage. For her tonsillitis, twice a day for seven days both for Co-amoxiclav and Expectorant, 5ml each. Paracetamol, 5ml to take only if with fever.

The dosage I think depends on age and weight, so always consult your doctor first. Come up with a technique like set an alarm, take medication same time everyday or do it after a meal so you won’t forget.

And most importantly, do not stop even if your child is feeling better, as prescribed, 7 days. In most cases, it won’t be totally cured and may come back after several weeks if you don’t follow.

Keep your child hydrated and well rested. Proper rest can boost your immune system to get you feeling better sooner. Sleep helps your body better fight infections that cause you to get sick, along with staying hydrated and taking medicine. Read more at centennial medical group. Drinking more fluid will also ease throat dryness and pain.

Don’t skip a meal. This isn’t only when they’re sick but sometimes, we allow few bites only when they’re not in the mood to eat, admittedly. But they’re taking antibiotics, and they’ll have upset stomach if they skip the rice or carbohydrates.

Lastly, due to antibiotics still, your child may seem less patient, easily angered and tend to snap most of the time for silly things. So double the patience momma, set aside the fact that you also had no better sleep for the last three nights. And you are not immune to virus now that your system is weakened too! Take care of yourself too!

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