How to Germinate Lettuce Seeds Fast

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I read somewhere that whatever you’re doing during weekends, that’s what you are going to do when you retire. This quarantine, I enjoyed backyard gardening and thought that it’s something I will enjoy during my retirement. Honestly, I had a lot of help from my father who is blessed with green thumb. But this time around, I took over and started planting some vegetables. For this article, I will share how to germinate lettuce seeds fast.

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How to Germinate Lettuce Seeds Fast: Use Fresh Seeds

Always look at the description to get information of what you are planting. I used Ramgo Lettuce Lollo Bionda Seeds, it has 96% germination and need to sow by June 2023 so still fresh. You also need to research if the type of lettuce you are planting can be grown in highland or lowland. If you only need few seeds and will have to save the rest for later, ensure that it’s properly sealed.

How to Germinate Lettuce Seeds Fast: Use Sterilized Coco Peat

We had several unsuccessful attempts to germinate lettuce and after several research, I found out that the only problem was the medium. It should be sterilized coco peat, planted not too deep and the container must have lots of holes to let go of excess water. Coco peat can retain moisture needed by seeds, perfect for tropical places. But if holes are not enough, seeds may rot or drown because of too much water.

2 days old

But why sterilized? In order to kill off fungi and bacteria that could affect the survival of new seedlings! Just let it boil for 30 minutes, wash it with water then let it cool off. Use the sterilized coco peat the next day. There are many ways to plant the seeds, you may use wet tissue then transfer it to coco peat once it sprouts. You can prepare a container (do not forget to make a lot of holes!) before putting the sterilized coco peat then water liberally. Some prefer seedling trays so it’s not too crowded and easier to transplant.

How to Germinate Lettuce Seeds Fast: Sunlight

I thought lettuce seeds are very sensitive to sunlight but in fact, they need direct sunlight to germinate. I was worried because it’s still typhoon season here in the Philippines but it still got the much needed sunshine. Just ensure that it will not be soaked by rain as it may affect the sprouting seedlings. Because of my success this time around, I asked my father to build a greenhouse for me.

5 days old

I purchased online UV Plastics and greenhouse clips, bought construction materials for roofing and so far my dome-like greenhouse is almost 70% complete. I decided to set-up kratky hydroponics system in our backyard because I think it’s easier to manage.

How to Germinate Lettuce Seeds Fast: Add Nutrients

From watching tutorials online, I discovered that the seeds retain the nutrients up to 5 to 7 days only. So it will survive with water and sunlight alone but after 7 days, you need to add nutrients. Actually, I was kind of worried when I first watered it with nutrients because it became a little yellowish and soggy. But at the end of the day, it bounced back to its healthier shape.

Still, I bought a portable hand pressure type watering can so it won’t fall down when I am watering it. The DIY Coke watering container my father made let out strong current of water and I can’t control the pressure. Some withered because the leaves were sticking to coco peat when falling down.

11 days old

Look at my 11 days old lettuce, it’s healthier and bigger than the usual two-week old lettuce. If you’re wondering what nutrients I am using, message me at MyKmagazine and will share with you the details.

So that’s it! Looking forward this weekend because I will finally transplant them. Watch out for more articles because I will be documenting this until harvest time. I hope you learn a thing or two. Happy gardening!

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