How to Make Your Kids’ First Dental Visit a Positive Experience

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It is recommended to see pediatric dentist when the first tooth appears, or not later than his or her first birthday. Unfortunately for us, we brought our child to the dentist, our first dental visit, was when he started to experience toothache. Main reason for kids’ tooth problem is bottle-feeding your child to sleep. We learned that as much as possible avoid nursing children to sleep or putting anything other than water in his feeding bottle. It is the culprit that resulted to tooth decay. If unavoidable just give your child water after drinking milk to rinse off sugar.

Preparation for the Dental Visit

Prior our dental visit I was telling my son almost everyday that we will be seeing a tooth doctor to check on his teeth. And that there will be no painful procedure, the dentist will just brush and clean his teeth. It was our way to condition his mind so that he will be relaxed during our visit. I also promised him that I will give him reward after his dental appointment.

Our next step was to look for a pediatric dentist. It is recommended to bring your child to a pediatric dentist rather than a family dentist. Pediatric dentist are considered as the pediatricians of dentistry . They have 2 to 3 years of special training following dental school, and practice to treating children only. Your pediatric dentist shall provide the primary and specialty needs for oral care.

Meet and Greet with the Dentist

When we step in at Perfect Teeth I saw no trace of fear on my son’s face. I know he’s brave enough and we will be able to accomplish his first oral prophylaxis. The staff was very jolly and accommodating. Our pediatric dentist was Dra. Sarah, she greeted my son and asked a few questions to make him at ease with her. Bentley Kenzo comfortably took a seat at the dental chair. However, when the oral check up was about to begin he panicked and went down.

The dentist recommended that my son should sat on my lap so that he would feel secured. As we go on with the oral check up we found out that he has some dental carriers. I’m glad that he has only few cavities, good thing I instilled in him the habit of brushing teeth at an early age. Next was brushing and flossing, overall he was very cooperative making his first dental visit a positive experience. He also got a reward as promised.

You may also take the opportunity to discuss with the dentist the following:

  • Teething
  • Cavity prevention
  • Oral habits ( thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, lip sucking )
  • Fluoride needs
  • Good oral hygiene
  • Schedule of dental visits

My Takeaways

Accompanying my son during his first dental visit is a wonderful experience for both of us. Its best not to threaten your child with brushing. Don’t tell them that they will be punished or they will have to go see the dentist if he/she doesn’t brush. Make it a family activity, family can gather in the bathroom to brush after a meal. Parents should also be a role model, brush and floss in front of your kids

Good Habits at Home

  • To avoid potential tooth misalignment, stop sucking habits as soon as possible.
  • Replace toothbrush every three months, choose a kids size soft brush.
  • Recommended amount of tooth paste is not more than pea size.
  • Guide your toddler to brush after breakfast and before bed. It is recommended that children under 8 years old to brush with parents.
  • As much as possible avoid starchy and sweet snacks. They stick to the teeth which increases the risk of tooth decay.
  • Similarly look at your child if he or she is able to brush rinse his or her mouth with water to wash off particles and sugar.

Brushing, as well as visiting the dentist should be a positive lifelong habits. Do check us out for more parenting tips.

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