I’m 30 and I know it!

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The big 3-0 has come! Is it a big deal? No doubt, it is. Turning 30 came with fear and pressure, but I know embracing this decade with an open mind would make me realize that the best years of my life is ahead of me. This is one of the major milestones in one’s life, in a woman’s life to be exact.

I, myself have been reading a lot on how to make my 30’s life changing. So, to make our 30’s fabulous and empowering, I have listed a compilation of the important things to do and focus on in this decade. Read through and hope it will inspire you establish or achieve your goals in your 30’s.

Start a family

I was 26 when I started a family of my own. At 30, I have an energetic four year old daughter who consumes all my energy during playtime. No pressure for ladies in their 30’s who are still single, but for me having a family before turning 30 is one of the best decisions in my life. That means getting to enjoy more time with my daughter while I can still keep up with her energy.

Decide on your career goal

This point in time is the best time to define your career goals and settle for what you really want to do with your professional life. If you have enjoyed your 20’s so much that you have been jumping from one job to another without a second thought, then you should think thrice now. 

Save. Keep finances in order.

It’s not yet too late. Having a stable job at your 30’s will help you define your future better. Not to mention this is the best time one should really start investing.

First step is to be more mindful in our purchases, having a good spending habit is something we should really learn. One thing to eliminate is impulse buying. Admit it or not, we do hoard during online shop’s mega sale. Chinkee Tan’s simple and effective tips on savings will surely help you start.

Improve health and wellness

Health is wealth. Yes of course it is, especially when you know you’ve hit the mark. Turning 30 means we’re literally not getting any younger. It’s time to really focus on keeping our health in utmost condition. Would that mean having to lose weight? Maybe yes, maybe no.


Collect moments, not things. Our tag lines say so. Travel is a beautiful experience and you learn things along the way which can last a lifetime. Be it travel with family of friends, believe me, the experience is worth every penny. Save wisely so you can spend some for travel and leisure. For travel tips and recommendations, check here.

Choose wisely your circle of friends

We all have our fair share of friends. Some are good, some are better and some are the best. Now, you are adult enough to know who your true friends are.

I’m not saying that you end your relationship with your not so good friends, but, try to surround yourself with the not-so-toxic kind of people. Distance yourself from negativity, as simple as that.

Quit bad habits

Bad habits are hard to break. Most of the times, we know what bad habits we have but we choose not to admit it. Acceptance is the key my dear friends. Bad habits can be as simple as being late at work, it may sound simple but attitude towards work defines your character. Let’s start building on that character right now.

So, that sums it up, have a great decade ahead!

Hope you gained a thing or two from this article. For more adulting tips, please subscribe to our blog and do share this article.

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