Jollibee Kids Club Mini Managers Camp Experience

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This summer, Jollibee is letting kids take on the lead and experience a one-of-a-kind fun learning with the Mini Managers Camp, now on its second year. 

 Joy Ramos,

My daughters joined the Jollibee Kids Club Mini Managers Camp last summer of 2018. A workshop for 6 days from Monday to Saturday for kids 4 to 12 years old. They were able to experience leadership training at an early age on their very own manager’s uniform. It was a fun experience with activities like burger making, ice cream making, arts and crafts and exposure to Jollibee store and practices. I signed them up at at Jollibee Tambo, Lipa City for only Php650, which includes one set of mini manager’s uniform with nameplate, camp bag, snacks for the whole duration and other activity materials. Camp activities involved interaction with other kids and they truly enjoyed singing, dancing, and playing indoor games.

Sign-Up Process

I enrolled them as soon as I saw the advertisement at the store because the slots were limited. The staff cannot accommodate many campers since they had operations during the day. They were not able to provide the dates but they told me that the schedule is 9 – 11 am for six days, having the last day as graduation and recognition. I paid the amount and told me to wait for the receipt, uniform and kit. They also asked my number to update me on final dates. After few weeks, they confirmed the final schedule and on managers’ uniform, white socks and black shoes, my campers were too excited to get up early anticipating their daily activities at Jollibee Camp. You can check the details and list of participating branches at their facebook page by clicking here

The Jollibee Kids Club experience

There were six staffs assigned for about 18 campers. Staff were accommodating, cheerful and attentive. They grouped the campers and assigned them tasks for the day. Instilling values, they learned customer service by greeting customers at front doors, counters, drive thru, and experienced hard work by accompanying staff while serving food and drinks, burger making and ice cream making. Thru drawings and crafts, games and competition, they knew the values of teamwork, responsibility and creativity. Campers had a blast, singing, dancing and chanting, boosting their confidence and improving their social skills. I also heard them answer, “What do you want to be when you grow-up?” Interestingly my eldest wanted to be a teacher and my youngest, a doctor.

Graduation Day

Jollibee staff rewarded campers for their virtues and skills on graduation day plus a happy meal toy. All campers received badges, my eldest for being the most cheerful and my youngest, the most caring. My daughters are still wearing the medals with prints “I’m a certified mini manager.” Their dance with Jollibee mascot was the final act for the campers. Unfortunately, my eldest was still afraid of mascots and was not able to complete the dance. In the end, she conquered her fear 😅 and at least took photos with Jollibee mascot and her sister and with the group.

The summer camp was very affordable considering the package inclusions like uniform, food and kits although you would end up eating lunch after every session 😄. It was refreshing and a good break after the academic school year. If you are going to sign-up your kids, be sure that he or she is 4 years old and above as the activities are suitable for the recommended age. It was their first summer to join this kind of activity and Jollibee did not disappoint us. I would recommend this managers camp to your kids and they will surely have a memorable summer.

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