Kinder City : Interactive Indoor Playground

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Mommies, are you looking for a new hang out place where you can bring your kiddos for fun and to spend your much needed time to bond with your family? Skip the outdoor play ground since it is s already rainy season and the weather nowadays is a bit unpredictable.

I recently discovered Kinder City at Vista Mall in Sta. Rosa Laguna. This indoor playground can be grounded into two : Active and Pretend Play. Both facilities are equipped with fun and interactive learning materials for kids of all ages.

Like most of the indoor playgrounds that we have visited Kinder City has different areas to offer to all children with various interest. With me during our visit is my one year old daughter, my husband and my 4 year old son – no Yaya. Armed with extra energy from our lunch we get in to this fun haven for kids and kids at heart. I saw the sparkles in my children’s eye, wide smile and they can’t even hide their excitement.

Active Play Areas

We started with the active play area, there is a mini obstacle course with slides and huge ball pit. My daughter was ecstatic crawling and throwing colorful balls. While my more active son enjoyed the slide and swing made of tires.

Since I have to watch my son while playing, I took the time to have fun as well. I adored the obstacle course, going in and out of the tunnel, crossing the hanging bridge and taking the slides. I felt like I was transported back to my childhood days. I’m glad that the facility is big enough to accommodate grown ups as well.

What I love the most at Kinder City are their mini bounce house, it’s similar to the one that Jump Yard has. It is spacious and very safe. I lost count on how many times I jumped with my kids, screaming and laughing. It’s like I had a distressing therapy, releasing all the toxic and stress at work and in my everyday hustle and bustle.  Indeed I had fun, and at the same time happy that was able to bond with my family.

Kinder City also has a mini basket ball court, another play area with slide full of fruit pit. It is decorated with vibrant colors and attractive bananas, watermelon, apple and strawberries. For the big boys they have inflatable slides, logs and Zorb balls.

Pretend Play Areas

SS Kinder City Ship, Kenzo felt like a captain holding and driving the Helm. He even sang the famous song from Captain Jake’s TV Show while her little sister was dancing. There are also some ropes and rocks for climbing installed at the ship’s wall.

There are also Ginger Bread Café, Fire Station, Little All Day Supermarket, School of Magic by Harry Potter and a Goldilocks Play House. There is also an old retro bi plane and channel your Amelia Earhart. My son enjoyed the old school gas station pretending to fill up the gas tank of his car. It is matched with road designs that runs around the whole play area.

With all these fun activities our one hour time is not enough, my kids did not want to leave Kinder City. I promised them that if they will continue to be good, I will reward them with another trip to Kinder City. Here are my overall thoughts:

  • The toys and interactive materials are clean. The staff are very efficient to tidy up things
  • I appreciate that they have nice and clean restroom inside the playground.
  • The ambiance and cleanliness were okay. They even offered sanitizers and alcohol upon check out.

All About Kinder City

Location: KinderCity Vista Mall, 2nd Level, Sta Rosa Laguna

Attraction: Active and Pretend Play areas

Admission Fee: Php 250 for 1 hour | Php 400 for 3 hours | Php 150 for extra adult/ guardian

Kinder City : Facebook Page


  • Fill up the registration form at the counter
  • Line up for payment
  • Have your photo taken
  • Next step is to have your temperature checked
  • Upon entry leave your shoes on the shoe rack


Always remember to spend time with your kids, enjoy every moment and treasure the quality times. Soon they will grow up and they will always remember the moments; not the toys. Have fun with your kids, put effort to play and be silly with them. Seeing them happy are priceless rewards for us parents.

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