List of Things-to-Do After Quarantine

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So how are you coping? Are you silently cussing the virus straight to the fiery pits of Hades because you can’t go out? Do you have a long list now of things-to-do after quarantine? Lately, do you appreciate the littlest things like going to the supermarket to buy groceries or even commuting?

Oh, how I miss going out as I crave for my comfort food! It’s nice, no-commute no-traffic and to work from home. But I think more than a month is way too much. Then again, we can’t help it!

This is our only contribution to the government to prevent the virus from spreading so let’s just listen and obey. For now, why don’t we list down things we will do once quarantine is over. What will you do first once we’re back to normal?


Whether you’re Muslim, Iglesia ni Cristo, Catholic, don’t you miss the gathering at your church? I am Catholic and I miss Sunday mass. The singing of praises to Almighty gives me happy tears. Like after a week and come Sunday, I tell God, “I made it” and I feel so grateful.

Yes, we have live broadcast but still not the same. I’m not sure if it’s just me but the bells, the choir, the singing of praises, it’s giving me a sense of relief, sense of hope. I dunno how to say it but I feel safe, like God is in control and I can surpass all things that will come my way. So when this is all over, can we pay Him a visit?

Food trip

Even if it’s against my diet, I will buy Cheesecake and Pearl at Macao Imperial Tea. Ramen is on my list, lunch or dinner at Ippon Yari. I am also craving for SNR pizza and fries and I do miss the things I usually buy like TGI Fridays Potato Skins in Cheddar and Bacon, Kewpie Roasted Sesame Dressing for my salad and mixed nuts.

I am planning to eat Korean food at All4U or Samgyupsalamat. Even thinking of Jollibee spaghetti and peach mango pie makes my mouth water. Looking forward to eat lomi too at Corcolon’s when this is all over. Bread at Clyde’s, sizzling tofu at Gilligan’s, Burger Mcdo, I better stop now. What’s on your list?


I badly need a haircut and Brazilian blowout with hair color. Missed my facial with bellamask or diamond peel, I can go by foot now, so close to my clinic but not allowed. I kept postponing my appointment to my dentist, I regret it now.

Good thing I still have some facial soap, toner, clay mask left for skin care. Though I seldom use them because I no longer wear makeup. So how do you look now, without eyebrow threading and upper lip waxing? How’s your braces, still holding up?

Social Life

Food trip with friends and colleagues is always a good idea. Don’t you miss the KTV nights after a long grueling work week? I’m longing to meet my friends over coffee until the shop’s crews ask us to leave as they’re closing. I definitely look forward to seeing my officemates again, never thought that working from home is so dull. Wine or beer nights with cousins while laughing at silly things, are you thinking about it too?


After Taal eruption and now this Covid-19, we didn’t celebrate my daughters’ birthday and mine too. Our wedding anniversary came and we’re not able to celebrate too as expected. Summer is here but we cannot go to the beach. For sure, my daughters will ask me that we go somewhere. I already have some prospects in my mind but I worry if it’s really safe to travel.

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Of course, we also need to do groceries, settle our bills and do important errands at school. I always stumble on terms like new normal and I ponder on those things. It may be insensitive, even selfish for wanting this list while others are worried about their basic needs and the life after this quarantine. I just want this to end, let’s pray that we’ll have cure soon.

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