Mothers deserve to take breaks by Going on Mom-Cations

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Who doesn’t want a vacation? We are well aware that motherhood comes with physical, financial and emotional stress. How lovely it is if we would take the much needed breaks by going on mom-cations.

According to studies a mom-cation does not only provide rest to us mommies but it actually provides benefits for the entire family. agrees with me. It is essential for the kids to see that balance that ideally needs to be achieved on a family situation. Motherhood is a full time job, you need to ensure that everything in your household is in order. Preparing meals, do the laundry, clean the dishes, doctors appointments for the kids, attend school activities, visit the grocery or market place. The list is endless. Imagine the stress and pressure of a working mom. You have a corporate career while managing your household at the same time.

Common Causes of Stress

Time Demands, most mothers feel a shortness of time. Whether it’s a lack of sufficient time to do the household chores or quality time to spend and bond with the kids. Many moms find that there are simply not enough time to do everything they need.

Finances, while children are more than worth the expense, parents tend to face greater financial stress as they grow.

Relationships, as mothers invest into their relationships with their children sometimes other relationship take a back seat. Such as relationship with their husbands, parents and friends. Similarly as children grows, mothers can change and grow in new directions which can put pressure on longstanding relationships.

This is why for many Moms the idea of taking a vacation away from all those things are too indulgent to accept.

But as a mother, we should also consider the benefits for us to have a legitimate break. How good it is to spend a day without worrying about the kids if they had a decent meal, or did they do their homework or did they go to bed early.  It sounds like an impossible dream but it is exceptionally healthy for a mom and her family.

Since having a full blown vacation is a bit difficult to manage due to budget and time constraints, there are a lot of ways wherein a mom can get breaks in life.

Here is what you need to do

  • Plan and make a mom-cation happen. Set aside money, set a side time. There is nothing like a few days of relaxation and calmness. Book a day trip at the Spa or at your favorite resort.
  • Don’t do household chores everyday – time management is the key. Plan your chores, for instance you can also delegate chores to other family members. Having days without doing the household chores can help you keep your sanity.
  • Take a full day off once a month – Moms tend to constantly think what to do next, which results to filling up of chores and errands. It is essential to set aside an entire day at least once a month to rest and have fun. Date your husband and see a movie or spend a day with your friends to catch up.
  • Spend time to recharge your batteries – when I became a mom I already said my goodbye to weekends. It means after a full week in the office it’s my time to catch up on all the task pending at home. So it’s important to pick at least one morning during the week to recharge your batteries. Get your nails done, additionally you can read a good book, go shopping or join a yoga class.
Take time to relax

Mothers coming home from mom-cations are well rested and refreshed. You are a better person, a more patient mom and loving wife. When you take a break from it all, you will love and  appreciate what you have at home. Above all taking an off as little as a day or two can greatly improve a mothers health – mental, physical and emotional.

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