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It’s nearly two years since we had a beach trip because of the pandemic. We were able to go out last November 2020 for my father’s birthday at FarmVille. And kids enjoyed the swimming pools. For a change, I looked for the most accessible beach nearby. Came across this post about floating cottages at Calatagan, Batangas. Supposedly our trip was for my eldest daughter’s birthday but she wished for simple celebration at home. So we postponed it for my youngest daughter’s birthday, second week of February.

Three G’s Floating Cottage Calatagan

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Of course, my prerequisite to continue our trip is that we don’t have to take swab test. And no travel restrictions for kids. (Most likely we can explore all the beaches in Batangas in case quarantine will not end soon). Calatagan LGU only required medical certificates from our barangay health center. I suggest that you prepare this at least a day before your travel date to avoid hassles at checkpoints. Take a picture so in case you forget the hard copy, you can present the photo. Saved it in your phone and present to LGUs assigned at checkpoints. By the way, child car seat law was not yet observed. Also, they will ask you if you have reservations at any resort.

What to Expect at Calatagan

We booked for a day tour only because no one will look after my lettuce seedlings. Since I Googled that it’s about two hours  travel time, we left around 5:00 AM for our 7:00 AM appointment. I asked my father to drive slower than usual because it’s still dark and it’s an unfamiliar road. 

We already managed our expectations since the floating cottage owner did not have beachfront and no resort. They will just let you use comfort rooms that seems like their residential home. No rooms, no Wi-Fi, of course no kitchen nor drinking water. They only have grilling area at floating cottage with a dining table. A small room so you can change and that’s it. Though they offer buffet lunch good for 10 persons costing Php 5500 mostly seafood. Since my husband is allergic, we opted to bring cooked food and raw meat and vegetables for grilling. We also brought drinking water, snack, bread and soda for the kids. 

The road was not ideal for our lowered sedan. I am actually hoping that LGU will do something about it. If ever I will go back, definitely we’ll rent a van or a larger car. Though some van also had trouble going there because of the rough road. I made reservations with Three G’s Floating Cottage. They’re accommodating enough to lead us from Calatagan public market going to the beach. We also asked for assistance going home. They also asked our whereabouts to inform the LGUs assigned at checkpoints. When we arrived, the owner welcomed us. If we need to use the bathroom, we can go back through motorboat and not the floating cottage. She emphasized the beachfront issue. And that we had to pay for environmental fee (excluding seniors and kids below 7 years old).

Perfect Beach Trip

They helped us carry our things mostly food, drinks and water. It’s like a 10-minute walk so I suggest that you travel light and bring only necessities. When we finally arrived at the cottage, they immediately started the motor boat. We headed straight to Calatagan sand bar. All the hassles of getting up early, rough road and long travel started to fade away. I immediately arranged our food for breakfast. Adobo and fried chicken with rice. It’s tasty and delicious, my father is such a good cook.

Calatagan sand bar

Calatagan sand bar is just WOW! Forget that it’s Instagram-worthy. How can I describe it with words! It’s like you’re transported to a different place without COVID and you can only feel happiness. Kids changed to swimwear immediately and took out their toys. I brought shovel and sand toys for them to enjoy. Since we usually go to the pool and of course no sand. We grilled our food midday, our favorite bacon wrapped asparagus and liempo matched with green salad and tuna pasta. It’s a perfect family day for me and of course, our birthday girl was overjoyed!

Our birthday girl

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better! I asked that we continue with our itinerary except for snorkeling (because it’s unsafe for my niece). They took us to Star Fish Island and Little Boracay. I was blown away. Our lifeguard picked some of the star fishes. They allowed us to touch and take photos. Sadly my phone was water damaged and not able to retrieved the photos and videos of our trip. It was surprisingly hard like shells and not jelly. Little Boracay undoubtedly looked like Boracay! At least based on picture since our trip to Boracay was cancelled last year because of pandemic. Probably because of the white sand and clear water. I was mesmerized.

Little Boracay Calatagan

If you would like to visit, I recommend Three G’s Floating Cottage Calatagan, they’re hospitable and accommodating!

Contact No. 09517753070
Address: Sitio Aquino, Barangay 2 4215 Calatagan Batangas
Floating cottage
Airconditioned nipa hut and standard room
Daily tour on board floating cottage to:
Little Boracay
Starfish Island
Calatagan Sandbar
Snorkeling area(optional)
Kayaking(for hire)
Dining and drinking while on board the floating cottage
entrance fee
parking fee
life vest

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