New Hangout Place in Lipa Perfect for Friends’ Day Out

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Are you looking for new friends’ hangout within Lipa City, Batangas? We’ve got you covered! Sometimes mommies need “me” time too! So get your girls out, and go to this new hangout place in Lipa. Indeed perfect for girls’ day out!

Trippers Nail Lounge and Spa

The place is perfect for you and your friends to have at least an hour of non-stop conversations while the manicurists are doing your nails. Trippers Nail Lounge and Spa gives a relaxing ambiance with its perfect interior design. The space is just right for waiting area, reception and the lounge itself. It can house eight to twelve clients considering the number of seats. I am just not sure of the available manicurists since we came in late after work and we just had one each for us three. We reserved by calling during lunchtime though and came in almost closing. So they probably just waited for us and some of the manicurists already left.

The owner decorated the walls with famous spots around the globe like Eiffel Tower in Paris, Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia and Status of Liberty in New York City that look stylish and sleek. The colors are neutral with airy feels, the lamps and furniture combination makes you feel warm and at home, appealing and inviting. The only thing I can suggest is to play soft music for more calming effects.

The service itself was satisfying and the manicurists were customer-service oriented. We availed the Trippers World-Class Mani + Pedi for only Php 390. We had thick and well-painted glossy nails that looks like gel. The cost is not too expensive compare to other nail salon in Lipa City. They also have gel manicure and pedicure and there are services available for kids too. There are lots of colors to choose from.

Tips In Going to Nail Salon

Just simple reminders, pay first before availing any services. You do not want to damage your perfect nails just to get money from your wallet or your pocket although they sprayed quick dry solution. Trippers could also invest in UV nail LED lamp machine for quick drying. But I hope it will not change their reasonable rates. If you are going to avail pedicure, do not forget your slippers for the same reason, not to ruin your perfect nails or at least wear an open toes sandals.

Trippers Nail Lounge and Spa is located at The Outlets by Aboitiz Land inside Lima Technology Center, Special Economic Zone, Lipa, Batangas. Business hours is from 10 AM to 9 PM. You may contact them for reservations or other inquiries at 0434041074, 09778230110,09175022346 09475812951.

Instagram – worthy isn’t it?


After the nail salon, walk in to the newest Korean restaurant in town, All4U. It is located at SM Lipa City with operation time from 11 AM to 11PM. You and your girls can go to enjoy unlimited grill with healthy organic soup. Cook on your own fresh shrimp, beef short plate, pork belly, Korean fish cake and noodles. They also serve lettuce, soup, iced tea and Korean ice cream. Healthy soups available are shabu shabu, kimchi, bulgoggi, pork galbi and fish cake flavors. They take pride in their organic soups with kelp, Korean ginseng, graviola, moringa, garlic, ginger and shitake.

This is not only perfect for friends’ day out but families will also love this restaurant for only Php 599 per head unlimited promo. Senior citizens, 8-12 years old, PWD and birthday celebrant can also enjoy for Php 350 per head only and 1-7 years old are free. For the same price, you have limited choices compared to Yakimix but it will do because of the discounts per age group and senior citizens.

We went there for department year-end dinner and had a hard time negotiating, as they do not accept reservations. They finally gave in since it is a corporate reservation and it was Monday and they probably thought there will be few walk-in customers. We held a short program as they reserved the front tables to us. We ate and devoured while having our exchange gifts, speech from our bosses and some icebreaker games.

all4u SM LIPA

The place is quite small for celebrations like year-end dinner but this is perfect for family and friends. Plan your day out with friends and treat yourself at Trippers Nail Lounge and Spa. Forget your diet and enjoy great food at All4U Korean restaurant.

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