New Normal for Church Wedding

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In case you are wondering what new normal for church wedding is like now then let me share with you my experience. As I, for the first time, just attended a wedding as a primary sponsor. I feel so old, yes, but this young couple preferred younger couples as primary sponsor.

Due to this pandemic, there are some churches that allow attendance of parents, bride and groom only during church wedding like San Jose Parish Church at San Jose, Batangas. But San Vicente Ferrer Chapel at Banay banay, Lipa City allowed all primary sponsors (we were ten pairs), one pair of secondary sponsors, parents, bride and groom. I even saw some guests which are not part of the entourage.

One pair of secondary sponsors only

They also allowed us to dress formally, gowns, coats, ties and barong. Some churches don’t allow this. So I went to Taal a week before the wedding to rent just to follow the color and dress code. I listed below the rental outlet that I can recommend. It’s located at Taal’s public market near Taal church. You won’t miss it. I tried my luck at Cuenca but all establishments were closed.

Marlon & Elena Bridal and Dress Shoppe
Address: Taal Public Market, Taal, Batangas
Contact No.: 0905 887 6793

Vhen & Mhaan Bridal Shoppe
Address: Taal Public Market, Taal, Batangas
Contact No.: 0926 441 3690

My Beau! So fancy!

The Entourage and Ceremony

We did the usual temperature check, filling in of name and contact numbers when we arrived at the church. The entourage started I think ten minutes earlier than the scheduled 10AM call time.

We wore face masks all throughout the duration of the mass. And we brought face shields just in case, but we’re allowed not to wear them. Two people sat at both ends of the aisle and one seat apart. We’re so far away from each other so we kinda focused on readings, sermons and the ceremony itself.

We almost occupied the place by sitting so far apart

Did you know who won the battle between the eagle and the snake? If you choose eagle, then you are correct. The eagle takes the battle up in the air,  incapacitating the snake. Just as any couple, when you fight on the ground, it consumes you and it destroys the relationship. So take your battle to God, and everything will fall into place. The priest wished happiness for the young couple not only on their wedding day but on the days to come as well and ended his sermon.

During communion, the priest disinfected his hand with alcohol then place the ostia bread on top of gold plate. They put a frame with plastic as barrier to separate the priest and those who would like to take the communion. We picked the ostia bread from gold plate instead of getting it from the priest directly. We were few meters away from each other when we formed the line.

One pair of primary sponsor only with social distancing

The choir with three persons were sitting or standing so far apart as well. They allowed photographers, no limits as long as they’re wearing masks. During picture taking with the newlyweds, we’re able to remove the face masks but only one pair each for primary, secondary sponsor and even parents. I saw how different it is now unlike the crowded wedding I had, full of laughter and togetherness!

A Solemn Wedding

We headed then to reception area at Villa Marines 2 located at Ibaan Batangas. The ceremony was so solemn and every second, we focused on what was happening. So it should be good, right?

But I missed the jolly crowd because weddings, it’s supposedly like reunion of families. Taking selfies in every corner, capturing every moment or group photos with the newlyweds whether wacky, sweet or romantic. Because for me, weddings are celebrations of love! It should be loud, fun, full of laughter and happy tears.

Message to the newlyweds

If you prefer a solemn wedding, then this new normal church wedding is for you. Credits to Through the lens of Jhun Lirio for wedding photos. Follow our MyKmagazine FB page and for more!

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