Party Planning : Do It Yourself Tips

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The key to awesome parties lies in the details. Be unique, take ideas and inspiration from your child and your family. Party theme doesn’t always have to be his or her favorite cartoon character. Unleash your creativity, take it a bit further. Look into your own journey to parenthood. Here are some do it yourself tips on party planning.

Make Your Party Unique

Know your child’s personality, is he/she into sports. How about his favorite toy, or does he/she loves pastel colors? For my son’s 1st birthday we threw a cowboy theme party since he loves horses and animals. Nothing beats a well-planned party, do your research. Put extra efforts on the details for a fun filled party.

Nowadays there are a lot of things you can find to decorate aside from balloons. Why not use, paper pompoms, honeycombs, paper lanterns or even paper dollies. They add charm to your party. Sourcing is also very easy, you can order online and have it delivered to your doorstep.  You may check out my trusted suppliers in Shopee (message us through our official FB page or comment below)

Life size decors are always a hit, whether it’s a styro standee or real banana trees. You just have to be imaginative and execute the details. Last year, during my son’s 3rd birthday party we had an off road party. The theme came out unexpectedly, we had some construction in our backyard and a huge pile of soil was sitting in our front yard. How are we going to host a party if there were tons of soil in our area. So we think why not convert the stockpile of soil into a 4×4 off road race track. It came out very nice and the kids were very amazed.

Show fun facts and milestones of your baby, why not set up a memorabilia corner or a photo gallery

On Cakes and Sweets Tablescape

Make your dessert spread party perfect by offering themed cakes, fruit spreads, toys and candies that goes well with the theme. Fresh fruits and pinoy delicacies are also some of the alternatives that you can offer. For the cakes, look for your reliable suppliers who can create wonderful cakes based on your theme.

For the main meal, if the party is lasting longer than a couple of hours, a menu with heartier options will keep your guest energized.

Food Carts will always be a crowds favorite, whether it be ice cream, hot dogs, popcorn or fries. But why not try something different. I have tried offering a street food cart and it was a hit. The kids loved the kikiam, fish balls, chicken balls and cheese sticks, while for the adults, they enjoyed isaw, barbecue, chicken feet and adidas.

Don’t forget the favors, a small token of affection is an unforgettable way to end a celebration. It can be a candy jars or a goody bags which for sure your guest will very much appreciate.

Fabulous Party on a Budget

Budget always play a great deal when throwing a party. We moms, can easily lost track of our budget as we are very much excited organizing the party for our little ones. For us to avoid going over our budget here are some tips:

  • Plan in Advance
  • Do your research
  • Know your priorities
  • Be Creative
  • Most importantly is to stick to your budget

With a lot of options available around, party planning can be fun and entertaining. Make sure your kids can have a good time and a memorable event. For us moms, it’s essential to stay relaxed an hour before the guests arrive to freshen up and slip into your party dress. Don’t forget that as a host, you set the tone so a relaxed attitude will bring out the same with your guests.  

Enjoy party planning and always visit MyKmag for more tips and tricks 🙂

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