Places to visit in North Luzon

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Summer will soon be over but there’s just so much more in our bucket list. Being in a tropical country surrounded with islands and beautiful sceneries, we will never run out of choices.

Now, let’s explore what North Luzon has to offer.

1. Baguio, the “Summer capital of the Philippines”.

Baguio is the top most tourist destination in the North during summer. Peak season usually starts at February. Celebrities, tourists and commoners flock to  Baguio to witness the month long celebration of Panagbenga Festival. For family travel and DIY guide, check out our blog.

Burnham Park and Mines View park are the best choice if you want to just relax and savor cool wind while spending time with your family. Other activities are picture taking wearing Igorot costume, a photo with the famous dog and horse. Souvenirs are also available in the park, choices of shirts, shawls, sweets and a lot more.

La Trinidad Strawberry farm. The best time to visit the farm for strawberry picking experience is between November to May. Price is a little higher than those available in the market but for Php 450/ kilo (may vary depending on season) , it’s worth the experience especially for your child. Lane of souvenir stores are also available in the area. One thing you should not miss to try is to taste the special strawberry ice cream and “taho”.

2. Ilocos region

Saud beach in Pagupud. Tagged as the “Boracay of the North”, this beach has powdery white sand and clear blue waters.

Saud beach Pagudpud
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Vigan, the Capital city of Ilocos Norte. One of the few places in the Philippines where old Spanish architecture are relatively untouched. A visit in this place will make you feel re-connected with your roots.

Bangui Windmill farm, the second largest wind farm in Southeast Asia. Aside from being a sustainable environmental innovation, it has become a top tourist destination and Ilocos trip will not be complete without dropping by the wind farm.

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3. Zambales

Subic bay freeport, Olongapo and Zambales beaches. Yes, Zambales is a go-to-place for beach lovers in the North. Beaches are laid back and not yet fully developed which makes the place the best sea side get away. Island and coves are top-notch favorite. To name a few, best budget friendly beaches are Potipot island, Anawangin Cove, Nagsasa cove, Capones island, and Talisayen cove.

Kid friendly park which offers fun activities are also crowd drawing. Zoobic Safari, a 25 hectare forest adventure park is a top choice for weekend family bonding. Attractions are Forbidden cave, Savannah, Aetas trail, Tiger Safari ride, Croco loco and Serpentarium.

Ocean adventure is for those who wanna get wet and have close encounter with our sea friends. The shows and activities will surely be loved by kids, my daughter really enjoyed the Sea lion marine patrol . Other shows are Sentinels of the sea, Wild world and Seaside stadium while activities includes Animal encounter adventure, spa experience and so much more. Admission fee includes all featured shows and aquarium exhibits while other activities requires additional fee.

4. Pangasinan

Welcome to husband’s hometown. Yes, it is also a must see place. For group of adventurous friends, first choice would be Hundred Islands National Park in Alaminos. With 124 islands at high tide and 123 islands at low tide scattered in Lingayen Gulf. Activities include swimming in the beach (of course), island hopping, caving, bird watching, eco-tour, river tours , zip line and many more.

Our Lady of Manaoag Church is commonly visited during holy week’s Visita Iglesia and car blessings. It was first built in 1600 as Chapel of Sta. Monica. Bolinao Falls and Patar beach are only few of the places in Pangasinan where you can best enjoy your summer but I suggest to go there during off season so you can really enjoy the place without the summer heat.

5. La Union

San Juan surf is a laid back resort in La Union and is just a few minutes drive from Ma-Cho temple. Just recently grape picking has also been a top attraction, Gapuz grape farm and Manguerra grape farm are the most visited. If you just want to spend an afternoon near the beach where kids can roam around and play, try and visit Poro point Baywalk. It is a 1.3km long promenade fronting San Fernando bay, with playground, picnic areas and ampi-theather.

Aside from the places I have mentioned, there are a lot more beautiful sceneries North Luzon has to offer which I hope I can share with you next time so always follow our blog. We are indeed in such a beautiful country, so before planning your trip abroad try to explore more of what we have in the Philippines. You’ll be amazed to find out how blessed we are with bewitching wonders of nature.

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