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It was a chilly and wet Friday night when my colleagues and I went to Ramen Co. The weather was inviting and was calling for hot ramen. The restaurant was full and buzzing with life and laughter so I was sure that I’ll have a lovely dinner after a tiring work week. Grateful that we booked a reservation and ordered our food before leaving the office. I was really curious as to why people are lining up in a garage for a bowl of ramen! The location is not ideal because it’s far from the public road thus not so accessible. So the food must be really good!

Even if we phoned in earlier, we still had to wait for our food to be served. They said that they do not want to compromise the taste because usually ramen is best served hot. And boy, oh boy, it’s to die for!

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AKA Ramen is the spicy ramen, the chili in the hot broth will definitely fire you up. Their signature broth takes 12 to 24 hours to prepare that’s why it’s so tasteful. It’s with homemade chashu and soy egg. The noodles, egg, and meat were cooked to perfection. This one is my favorite because I love spicy food.



This one is unique because I don’t usually see or eat ramen with pesto. Pesto pasta, yes, but pesto ramen? Surprisingly, the pesto blended with creamy broth! It’s savory and rich in flavor. The meat, noodles and egg were again scrumptious. I’m giving the chef a thumbs-up for adding fusion cuisine to their menu.



It’s made of pork bones which is boiled down until it’s dissolved into cloudy white broth. The broth is thick, creamy, and mouth watering. This is perfect for your kids because the flavor is not so strong or spicy. It’s not too experimental but not the usual either so I am really wondering how they made these ramen so appetizing.

So we, all five of us, tried these three ramen at Ramen Co. And AKA RAMEN (RED RAMEN) got two votes, ORIGINAL TONKOTSU RAMEN, two votes and MIDORI RAMEN (GREEN RAMEN) got one vote. But basically we loved it all and still undecided actually for our top 1 ramen. For only Php 249, these are pretty much reasonable and affordable.

Ramen Co. Side Dishes

Ramen Co. offers varieties of side dishes. We ordered crunchy salmon, volcano roll and takoyaki. My friend is not a fan of sushi or maki but she loved the crunchy salmon and volcano roll. Takoyaki was so delicious that we ordered one more serving and another one for take out. It’s complete with Aonori (dried green seaweed) and Katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes) garnishes, so authentic! We couldn’t get enough of crunchy salmon maki and volcano roll (mostly seafood).

Ramen Co. Takoyaki
Ramen Co. Volcano Roll
Ramen Co. Crunchy Salmon

I will definitely go back and try other side dishes like nigiri, dragon roll or the spicy salmon. If you’re looking for authentic, legit, and to die for ramen, this is by far the best!

Ramen Co. Japanese & Korean Bar
Address: 50 M.P. Casanova St. Brgy. Tambo Lipa City Batangas 4217 Lipa City, Philippines (Enter the road by the Brgy. Hall of Tambo way to Dizon. It’s going to be on your right after 200 meters or so beside Mikabelle Kitchenette)
Messenger: m.me/ramencolipa
Phone: 0995 450 6452
Operating Hours: 2 PM to 10 PM (Monday to Saturday and 11 AM to 10 PM (Sunday)
Delivery: Via foodpanda

Cake not available (my colleagues bought me a cake for my birthday, two days ahead, so sweet ❤)

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