Ryxskin Sincerity “Be Youthful Starter Kit”

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So I have been using Ryxskin Sincerity “Be Youthful Starter Kit” for two weeks now. And I only have good things to say. You haven’t read my first entry yet? Then let me give e brief introduction again of this skin care product.

Ryxskin Sincerity is a local product but world-class products that will empower women. It creates opportunities and bring positive change to the lives of our distributors and customers at the same time. It aims to be a business built on integrity and trust, as how their foundation is made by those who had faith in them first. The company will be an avenue of growth and change. In everything they do, the connection to their customers will always be centered upon the commitment that for every Filipina beauty, there is Ryxskin Sincerity.

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RyxSkin Sincerity-Starter kit | Lazada PH

Tips in Using Ryxskin Sincerity “Be Youthful Starter Kit”

Discipline. Ok, I am not really a fan of skin care products because it’s too much work. Sometimes you’re so tired already that you just want to hit the hay after a day’s work. But you have to squeeze in this routine between shower, dinner and sleeping. Get up a bit early too for facial wash, apply serum and sunblock! If you lack motivation, then look at your drying, wrinkling skin because of workplace stress.

Follow Instructions. Small quantity of toner, dab and not hard press until the skin peels off! A layer of toner but generous amount of sunscreen. There are cases when less is more like serum and toner. I know sometimes you tend to go overboard in applying toner or serum because it smells so good. It feels so good too that you would like to put more! But no. Your skin will dry out, peeling will be too much and not to mention the redness!

Avoid the Sun. For now, since most beaches are closed due to pandemic and summer is over, it’s working for me! And I go to office early then I go home after sunset so it’s perfect for me! Weekends, where can we go this weekend? We’re stuck at home! But if you cannot really avoid the sun, apply sunscreen 15 minutes before going out. Or even if you’re inside your home or office, re-apply sunscreen to protect you from the sun..

What Happened After Using Ryxskin Sincerity “Be Youthful Starter Kit”?

The first three days, you can already notice the drying of pimples. And smaller pores as I mentioned in my first article. But yes, I went overboard and applied too much toner and serum. So there was an obvious peeling, redness and sometimes itchiness. Googled some reviews too and found out why it occurred to me! It happened for two days only during my first week and after applying right amount of each, it’s gone.

It will not guarantee that you will not have pimples, usually I have skin breakouts during my period. But it’s drying out in a day and it’s not leaving any marks on your face so I love it! Husband claimed clear, youthful and beautiful glass skin only after using it for two weeks. But I will wait for 30 days. Maybe I won’t be too shy to upload my selfie here, LOL!

So what’s next? After this rejuvenating set, maybe I will try the foam cleanser to maintain clear skin. Or the alcohol free, paraben free non comedogenic deep cleansing water. They also have aloe vera gel based serum loaded with vitamins and anti oxidants. Watch out and I will tell you more, follow MyKmagazine for updates!

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