Sarangyup, Unlimited Samgyupsal for Php 198 Only!

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“Saan aabot ang Php 198 mo?” If you’re looking for affordable Samgyupsal without sacrificing the taste then Sarangyup is for you. For only Php 198, you can eat all you can and most importantly kids were allowed (past tense because it might change depending on Covid-19 situation)! Better call first to confirm!

Unlimited Pork Samgyupsal

Unlimited Pork Samgyupsal
5 flavors of meat
Side dishes
Japanese rice

Side Dishes

Beef and chicken were not available that day which is what I originally would like to have. You will just add Php 100 and you’ll get additional variety of Korean food. For only Php 298, you can eat all you can of;

Beef Woo Samgyup (5 flavors)
Korean style Chicken (4 flavors)
Pork Samgyupsal (5 flavors)
Milk Tea with Pearls
And all food from Php 198 package

All these are unlimited and we can’t help but ask if the owner is earning money at all. LOL! You can’t find any other affordable Samgyupsal in town. I think Sarangyup is the cheapest of all. It has thinner meat but it’s OK because it’s unlimited anyway and faster to cook! 

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It’s Cheaper But What About the Taste?

The kimchi were perfect for me! Not too spicy, not too strong and will take away your “umay” after several servings of meat. I also liked the boiled potatoes, a little sweet and good match with kimchi! There were three kinds of sauce which are perfect for Filipino taste buds.

Unfortunately, the sisig was not available yet when we arrived. I made sure that we’ll be there during opening at around 11 in the morning. That way, it’s not too crowded and I was right. It had some downside though because some are not available yet like odeng, eggs, cheese and as I mentioned sisig. Although they replaced it with cucumber and other side dishes.

They didn’t invest much on the set-up, just a portable griller, regular plates, small table and open space. But we’re OK with that, no issue. Even my kids loved it! I think this will be my go-to restaurant when I am craving for Samgyupsal, Sarangyup! Because you can basically get the same taste without hurting your budget., OK, a little bit “panlasang Pinoy” and sort of fusion food! With all the prices going up nowadays, “Sarangyup lang ang malakas. LOL!”

Because it’s really a hit, they opened another branch in Batangas. But they only accept kids 10 years old and above (if I heard it right!). The local government was more strict there, I think, due to rising cases of Covid-19. I would love to eat and dine there some time because from their Facebook page, the space is a little bigger in Batangas branch than Lipa branch.

Sarangyup Lipa Branch

Address: Marcos Drive, Villa Lourdes Subd. Lipa City, Philippines 4217 (accross De La Salle Lipa)
Contact Number: 0999 465 5834
Operating Hours: 11:00AM – 9:00 PM, 7:00 PM last call (Monday to Sunday)
Delivery (Daily including Sunday and Holidays)

Only two to three persons were allowed in one table. They’re following local government rules so they can keep operating and of course to prevent the spread of virus. I just really hope we all go back to normal because only few restaurants accept kids! And I am a little sad for my “bagets”! They’re like prisoners in our home and we rarely have family time out of the house! I just missed the old times! Anyhoo, will look for more restaurants to eat-and-run (hopefully with our kids) so always check our blog for more!

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