Side Hustle Ideas During Pandemic

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Are you bored during weekend and would like to have productive things to do? Did you lose your job and you’re looking for a source of income during this pandemic? Or you have a regular job and would like to make the most of the time earning while staying at home. Here are some of the side hustle ideas that you can try to explore during this pandemic.

Online Selling

Whether it’s alcohol, masks, groceries, toiletries and cosmetics, since most of us try to limit going out, online selling is in. I have so many Facebook friends who are selling so many things online. It’s funny how I already have a long list of things to pay when I get out of group chats. There’s hardly a person who’s not selling nowadays, it seems like everybody’s just trading products now.

The secret to online selling is to know your competition. You have to provide a competitive price too for your products else, you will not have regular customers. In order to do that, you must find a supplier who gives bulk or reseller price. Consider as well delivery charges and logistics.

Religiously post your products, create group chats or connect personally to your contacts to sell your products. Don’t give up if you believe that you have a great product, yes, you can make it happen!

Vlogging or Blogging

If you are articulate and you don’t hate attention then vlogging is for you. But what to vlog about if you can’t go out? A product review, all about food and recipes, gaming, beauty and health. You can explore so much at home. If it’s your thing, then you will not run out of ideas.

Or you may want to start blogging if you are passionate about writing. Well, we are also running out of ideas but we survived somehow. We started reviewing about tourist spots, restaurants and shared travel itineraries. But since this pandemic, we focused more on adulting, home and living, health and wellness.

Whether vlogger or blogger, you’ll never know, this side hustle might turn into something bigger someday.

Cooking or Baking

It is time to put your baking and cooking skills to good use. Think of your specialty and if it’s a hit during family gathering and special occasions then for sure you can sell it. You just have to select your target market then from there you can think of what varieties you can offer.

What do I mean? Like for example, K&K Kitchen (don’t forget to like the page please), target market are families within the area so the products, spicy buffalo, honey glazed and honey barbecue wings are for sharing or family meals.

However if your target market are workers or employees, in case you are living near industrial zone areas, then you should offer budget meals or solo packs. Of course, there are lots of work when starting up like looking for best suppliers, shipping arrangement and you even have to create prototypes. But if it’s your passion, you will not stop, right?

In case you cannot bake or cook, opt for reselling. We are all deprived to travel because of the pandemic so eating is our only pleasure now. Check out our article Algine Breadhouse, not your typical bakery, because you can resell their products.

Online Jobs

Manila Bulletin recently published work from home jobs that you can choose from. These jobs are international accounts with higher pay. Whether you are looking for side hustle or permanent jobs, Manila Bulletin provided a rundown of the best platforms and resources like Upwork, Outsourcely etc. You better check it out.

Looks like we’re in this saddening situation for a long time. Still we need to continue our lives for the sake of our family and the younger generations. Hang in there. Stay safe!

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