Skin care routine update using Snail White

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This is a long overdue skin care routine update, sorry for that fellas.

If you have read my first review about Luxe Organix miracle solutions cleansing gel and toner, you would know that it wasn’t a very good start. I experienced purging until the 3rd week of using it and it was really bad.

So bad that my skin condition was way much better before using it.

Why did I change my skin care?

When I started using it, I was cleansing and toning twice a day (morning and night). After experiencing purging, on the 4th week I decided to slow down in using the product. I realized that maybe it’s a little too harsh for my sensitive skin. I started using the gel and toner once a day (only at night). Voila, it did improve my skin condition.

Redness started to fade away and active pimples eventually dried out. It wasn’t an instant effect of course, it took me days before I finally see the effect. On my 7th week of using this product line, I decided to just stop since I don’t see any better results than the last few weeks. I guess it’s simply not compatible with my sensitive skin.

That’s how skin care products work, it may work so well with others but has an opposite effect on you or me. That is because we have different skin conditions, therefore, we have different needs.

As of this writing, I am not using this product line anymore. I have discovered a new product line which I have been using for months now. We do have to update our skin care depending on our current skin condition, right?

Snail White facial care

Since I am on my thirties now, I decided to go for anti-aging products that will help give me firmer looking skin with a youthful glow.

Day time skin care

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My morning routine starts with cleansing my face with Snail White whipp soap gold and then I would apply my favorite moisturizer / primer, still the undefeated Luxe Organix aloe vera & snail soothing gel. Last step is the Snail White brightening day cream before I apply my current favorite tinted sunscreen.

Night time skin care

At night, I use the same whipp soap and then I apply toner to double cleanse and lastly is the anti-aging Snail White gold cream. We don’t want to have wrinkles at such a young age, prevention is the key ladies. It is also very important to cleanse our face, never ever go to bed without cleaning your face! Always have facial wipes on hand for the lazy nights that you have no energy to follow all cleansing routine.

Snail White whipp soap gold is formulated with collagen from Snail potion, it helps accelerate skin’s natural surface regeneration. This powerful anti-aging formula also contains crimson red algae to visibly replenish skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 24K gold helps combat free radicals which are the main cause of wrinkles.

After using these products for months, I do think that I will stick to this. I don’t break-out and I would say that my skin is brighter. This skin care plus tinted sunscreen and I’m good to go, but of course not without my kilay because kilay is life.

Tipid tips: Cut the whipp soap into half, each half can last for a month so one bar would last for 2 months. Sulit na sulit na mga suki!

Snail White body care

Again, skin care is not just for the face. Since I already switched to Snail White for my facial skin care, might as well try the body creme wash series. The first one I tried is the Caviar lime which is for skin brightening and I got the Swiss Lavender scent for free. Let me be clear, I don’t hoard! My second bottle is almost empty and this is my second purchase and as always, there’s a freebie from Snail White’s official store in Lazada. So yeah, such a steal to have two bottles for the price of one.

Snail White body creme wash in different varieties

To ensure that I am protected from the harmful rays of the sun, I also use Snail White body booster with SPF30/PA +++. It also helps restore dull and damaged skin for brighter, firmer and hydrated skin.

Tips if you would like to try new skin care products

  • Know your skin problem , skin type and do your research
  • Read and watch reviews of your chosen product
  • Try one product at a time, it is best to try products of the same line or brand
  • Don’t start with new skin care when you have your period. It will be difficult to identify if your purging or just your hormonal imbalance

So there you have it, hope you find this article helpful. For more fab finds, do follow our blog. Let us know your Snail White experience. We got you girl!

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