SOUTHBOX KTV and Family Lounge at the The Lifestyle Strip Sto. Tomas Batangas

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For us Filipinos, the definition of jamming and hanging out is a karaoke night. Be it a barkada or family night out, KTV is the most popular form of entertainment. We do love chatting and singing over a bottle of beer.

What is KTV?

KTV stands for Karaoke Tele Vision. It is a place where people can do karaoke. Just like the typical Video5 we know since childhood but is set- up in a room complete with good audio and video system.

What is a Family Lounge?

It is a room designed to be a place where family and guests gather together for a group entertainment like watching movie, simple chatting or in this case, singing and having fun.

Therefore Southbox KTV and Family Lounge is a place to enjoy music entertainment together with your family and friends.

Let’s discover what Southbox has to offer.

I am personally not a fan of KTV. I mean, I do love music but I’m not the type who would sing endless love songs in a karaoke. But, there’s always a first time right? And my first time was in Southbox. What convinced me to unleash the singer in me is the good sound quality which can make you sound like an awesome singer even if you’re not.

What’s on their menu?

Aside from the entertainment, the food choices in Southbox is also crowd drawing. They offer various mouth watering appetizers and delicious choices of main dish.

Room rates and features

Southbox offers five different room designs that can cater all group sizes. Each room has comfortable leather couches and HDTV’s. The room is set up with a high end amplifier and sound system. Disco lights in each room will give you more of the disco vibes. Room rates varies depending on the size of your choice.

Large room, Photo from Southbox official FB page
Medium room, Photo from Southbox official FB page
Small room 2, Photo from Southbox official FB page
Small Room 1, Photo from Southbox official FB page

Price range

A consumable entrance fee of Php 200/ head for the first hour is a reasonable price. Food choices also comes in affordable prices. It is indeed for the masang Pinoy.

Southbox Family Lounge room rates

Opening hours, contact details and reservation

Southbox is open from 4PM to 4AM during weekdays and they have extended hours during weekends. It is best to give them a call for reservations to ensure room availability upon arrival. Contact numbers are +639171199094 and +639204298004.

So, what are you waiting for. SING, EAT and DRINK at Southbox located at 2F, KM 60.5, Maharlika highway, Sto. Tomas Batangas. Unleash the singer in you!

Lifestyle Strip at Sto. Tomas, Batangas

From about us page, “The Agojo Lifestyle Strip is not your run of the mill strip mall. With over 40 establishments to choose from, you are sure to find something for everyone.

Located at the heart of Santo Tomas Batangas, the Lifestyle Strip caters to the specific needs of its patrons while appealing to lifestyles across the board. Shopping, dining, pampering, fitness, personal and banking needs – you can find it all here at The Lifestyle Strip.

The Lifestyle Strip is conveniently located near industrial parks, hospitals, banks and schools – it’s easily accessible from whatever point you may be coming from, be it from the provinces further South or coming in from Manila. Midway Shell Service Station, also owned and operated by the Agojos, is located at the center of the Lifestyle Strip to provide your petroleum needs.”

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