Young Living Journey by Fatriz

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Starting a business amidst the pandemic is no joke. You have to find the right business for your target market. The best option is always to go for a product or service that you know, you trust and you love.

With the pandemic situation, everyone is focusing more on health and wellness. That means that a business related to health and wellness has a big chance to grow and succeed. But then again, there’s a lot to choose from. 

A good friend of mine has started her business during this pandemic and she chose Young Living, read on and get to know more about this business.

Out of all the trending online business, why did you choose to invest in Young Living essential oils?

 I decided to invest in Young Living essential oils because I want to keep our household safe and healthy. While enjoying the benefits of it, I can earn by just helping friends or others to experience Young Living.

How did you start your business and how do you market your products?

Before I decided to start this business, I see to it that I tested how effective it is. When results came out well, I started to promote my products online. Oily ZV&Mommy is my official page, it is where I post everything you need to know about Young Living essential oils. Thankfully, I gained new co-oilers from South & North Luzon and even in Mindanao.

What were the challenges you encountered in setting up this business?

Like any other business, starting up is not easy. More so in this pandemic situation when not everyone has the money to invest in a business or even in health & wellness.

I would always get the impression “Oils lang pero bakit ang mahal?” The challenge is on how to promote the products. Managing my own page takes a lot of responsibility. To get wider audience, you really need to be consistent in posting on social media. At least every 4hours you have to share something, like recipes and infographics. With good explanation and infographics, I was able to convince my clients about how good the product is. I must say that Young Living is not very cheap but it is not that expensive as well. When you come to think of all the health benefits, it is all worth it.

One more thing, don’t expect that your friends will support you right away. It is actually true that when it comes to business, other people will trust you more than your friends.

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Tell and us more about Young living essential oils and why do you consider it as a good investment

What I love about Young Living’s Essential Oil is how they do their SEED to SEAL promise. They formulated their own standard to assure that they give us the best quality – 100% Pure Essential Oils. They even have their own and partner farms. We can actually use it in three (3) ways – Diffuse,  Topical application or Ingest. It’s a good investment because of its many benefits and it is safe to use by everyone in the family.

At home, I use the diffuser to have a good night sleep using Lavender and Cedarwood. You can actually create different recipes depending on your need and your mood. I also use the Purification oil for topical application to insect bites and it works well with my little one.

Sample blends you can make from Young Living essential oils

In a 15ml dropper bottle, put 10 drops each of Lavender, Elemi and Tea tree. Add 5 drops of lemon and fill in with your choice of carrier oil. I used Jojoba oil because its good for oily skin.

Lavender cleanses and soothes minor skin irritations while elemi reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Tea tree moisturize skin as it cleanses and lemon helps achieve brighter complexion. Citrus oils are photosensitive so I suggest to avoid applying lemon if you will be exposed to direct sunlight.

If you’re interested in Young Living Essential Oils, please do like and follow Oily ZV & Mommy, momshie Fatriz will be happy to assist you.

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