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Out to celebrate my father’s birthday, we searched for a place where we can stay at least overnight and be with nature. My uncle in law kept telling my husband to go to Taal Maranan’s Farmville because the owner is his friend. I called the number he gave me and asked if we need to present rapid test or swab test result but we need not to. And the best thing, kids were allowed! I immediately reserved for an overnight stay the next day and finally my kids went out after so many months of staying at home. It’s been almost a year! They did not go anywhere since Taal eruption then this pandemic.

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Because my kids are picky eaters, we stopped at nearby mall to buy their favorite food since I learned that the farm only serves organic food. We also bought cake for “Tatay” and brought some materials to make it money cake. Since we can’t find money cake anywhere, we just decided to have DIY (Do-It-Yourself) money cake. But that’s for another article.

Photo from Taal Maranan’s Farmville website

When we arrived at Taal Maranan’s Farmville, there were few guests and according to the staff, it was just for a day tour then we can have the place all to ourselves. It was Sunday, we arrived earlier than 2PM check-in time but we can already go for a swim while they’re still cleaning our room. But shortly after, the staff informed us that our room was ready.

Villa Accommodation

We took the villa, it can accommodate up to 6 persons and it’s a little small for our family but since we spent most of our time outside, it didn’t matter. The other bedroom was at the attic, no kitchen or cabinet for our clothes and we only had a small dining table where we can eat. I think they’re just promoting organic food and they don’t encourage guests to bring food and beverage but we didn’t pay any corkage fee. In fact we ordered online from Jollibee for dinner as requested by the kids.

  • Per night: 3800Php
  • Accommodates: 4 persons
  • Additional: 500 Php per head
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Bedrooms: 2 Queen Size / 1 Mattress
  • Check-in: Anytime after 2PM
  • Check-out: 12PM (noon)
  • Property type: Bed & breakfast
  • Room type: Private room

A Countryside Vibe

Taal Maranan’s Farmville is a breath of fresh air, both literally and figuratively. The girls changed clothes immediately and plunged into the infinity pool. It’s clean and with a great view of the whole farm. Proud of my girls because they can already swim at 5ft deep pool. We joined them after snack and frolicked in the pool, not stopping until we’re tired. It’s our first breath of freedom, unrestrained laughter under the vast blue sky and somehow, I felt a sense of gratefulness despite the difficulties this year!

Expectedly, the night was colder. The girls were hungry so we headed back to our room. The farm was not well lit, tranquil and we can only hear the sound of crickets. I am not sure if they’re trying to make us feel the vibe of the countryside where people usually sleep early. When we passed the restaurant, somebody was playing the violin to a family who checked in late that day. It’s so sweet and romantic. We ate dinner and since there’s no WI-FI, no TV, we played Scrabble. We found it on top of the small dining table. Certainly, they’re giving us that “vibe” and it’s surprisingly effective. We planned to swim until midnight but went to bed early instead.

A Refreshing Weekend

The next morning, we woke up early and looked around the farm after breakfast. We went to the restaurant and ate fresh lettuce and tomatoes, “Tapang Taal”, longganisa, egg and fried rice. They also served kapeng barako. We toured around the farm and saw the queer rooms. Hobbit house, “Kalabasa” room, Kingkong room, Orange cottage, Pineapple cottage and Talong room to name a few. There were several pools aside from the infinity pool, one at the hotel, a watermelon pool and kingkong pool. Saw a monkey, some horses, playground, a greenhouse, and lots of crops.

We planned to try horseback riding or picking of fresh vegetables but the girls only wanted to swim at the infinity pool. Took a dip one last time after taking pictures around and we really had a great time.

It was a refreshing weekend! I definitely recommend this place for your family, it’s time to face the new normal. Get out of the house and get the countryside vibe at Taal Maranan’s Farmville. Follow us at MyKmagazine for more getaway recommendations!

Address: Brgy., Iba East, Taal, Batangas Taal, Batangas
Contact Numbers: +63 995 959 9028, +63 917 309 7879
Email: admin@taalmaranansfarmville.com

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