Taytay Tiangge haul: Tips and shopping guide

Taytay is known as “The Garments Capital of the Philippines”. In case you don’t know, most stall owners from Divisoria and Baclaran get their RTW’s from Taytay and sell it for a higher price.

Shopping spree in Taytay has been a trending vlog in YouTube. I have watched countless videos and I’m really excited to do my first haul. Shopping on a budget can be both challenging and exciting! So, its time to experience the most talked about Taytay haul.

My experience

There’s an array of stalls to choose from, I was actually overwhelmed with the numerous choices. The only thing disappointing is that most of the items are free size (one size fits all), which is not a very  good thing for someone with same built as mine.

I was really amazed to see the quality of the items in the market for such an affordable price.

Retail:Php 55
Retail:Php 85
Retail: Php 50
Retail: Php 55

Clothing items for the whole family is available in the tiangge. Ladies tops can be bought for PhP35 to Php100. Shorts and bottoms are anywhere between PhP50 to Php120 while overruns and denim are from PhP250- PhP300.

You can buy kids pair of leggings and top for only Php 150-200 which is about Php 500 to Php 700 in the mall. Kids dresses ranges from Php 70 to Php 120 but the quality is just so superb and it’s actually worth more than the price.

Wholesale (3pcs): Php 25 each
Wholesale (3pcs): Php 25 each (shorts) & Php 35 each (leggings)
Retail: Php 120
Retail: Php 170 – 200
Retail: Php 45
Retail: Php 100 – 150

Of all the items I bought, my greatest steal would be the mom-daughter twinning outfit for only Php 250. Just wow!

Mom-daughter twinning for Php 250, available at Octagon

Having experienced what it is like to haul in Taytay, I have listed some tips to help you in your first trip to the famous tiangge.

Important tips before shopping

  • Be there as early as you can. Most shops open at 8 am, so be sure to be there when the shops open. You wouldn’t want to get caught in the crowd of shoppers at the middle of the day especially during summer. If you will bring your car, the earlier you get there, the better chance of finding a parking space.
  • Eat before you start shopping. Yes, you will need a lot of energy to cover the whole marketplace. If you are in the momentum of your shopping experience, believe me you wouldn’t want to stop just to take lunch break. Stalls are also available in the surrounding area where you can buy drinks and snacks.
  • Wear your most comfortable clothes. I suggest you wear shorts and fitted top, why? It will be easier for you to fit the items on top of your clothes but before fitting be sure to ask permission from the stall owner as some owners does not allow fitting.

Shopping Tips

  • Scout around before buying. If you have the patience to roam around and check if stalls sell items on the same prices, I suggest you do so. But, if you are too excited to start shopping then you can start right away.
  • Negotiate. Even if the price is both reasonable and affordable, some stalls offers lower price than the other. Buying in wholesale (minimum of 3) is also advisable but is not necessary since you can only save Php5- 10.
  • Have a fixed budget. Well this is quite not so easy to follow. I planned to spend less but ended up spending more than my budget. Why? Because there’s just so much more to buy and knowing that I will not be going back there soon, I did not miss the chance to shop all I can.

What to bring

  • Eco/ reusable bag. Instead of having too much plastic bags from all your purchases, it is best to have your eco bag with you so you can help save the environment from too much plastics.
  • Face towel, wet wipes and extra shirt  if needed. Expect to sweat a lot while shopping. It can also get too hot so better be prepared.
  • Your best buddy. When I say your best buddy, I don’t mean your boyfriend or husband rather your bff. It is a fact that shopping is not a guy’s favorite. Maybe not all (my husband was actually willing to tag along if not for work), but most men hate long and tiring shopping spree. They may not say it out loud but yeah, it’s not something they want to do on a weekend.

While online shopping can be very convenient, price is a little higher than those in the market. More so, you can’t fit the item and actual product may vary from posted photo. But, if you prefer online shopping you can check out our tips and tricks.

How to get there

By private car. Just search for Club East Manila via Google maps or Waze and you will be right there fast and easy, fastest route is via C6.

Via public transportation

  • From Robinsons Galleria along Ortigas avenue, ride a G-liner bus (with Taytay signage) direct to the market, without traffic it is just a 30-45 minute ride.
  • From Quiapo or Sta. Mesa, ride a G-liner bus (with Taytay signage) or you can ride a UV express to Taytay/Angono/Binangonan.
  • From Pasig or Cubao, ride a jeep with Angono/Taytay signage

Important! If you will come from South via provincial bus, please take note that P2P (Point to Point) is already implemented, the only bus stop along EDSA  is at Cubao terminal.

When to visit

Most of the stalls are open on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 8 am- 10 pm during off season but you can still visit during other days of the week, just don’t expect to have a lot of open stalls. “Bagsakan time” happens during Monday and Thursday night (from 6 pm) until 10 am the following day. On this time, stocks are usually replenished and new stocks are displayed so its the perfect time to shop.

During peak season which is from the start of “Ber” months, most stalls are open daily from morning until dawn.

Final thoughts

My conclusion? I do think that Taytay tiangge is worth checking out! A shopping haven of affordable and quality clothes perfect for your OOTD. Who says sporting a classy and striking OOTD needs to be pricey?

Now that you know some tips to enjoy and make the most of your first Taytay shopping experience, head on to Taytay and splurge in a budget friendly shopping spree.

For those who have tried Taytay shopping, share with us your experience. If you find this article useful, share and tag your bff!

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