The Longing of a Single Woman in her Late 20’s

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Do you feel the pressure every time you ask yourself “Why am I still single given that I am in my late 20’s”? And even more stressful when your friends and co-workers are wondering the same thing, “You’re still single? Why? How old are you”? Some will even conclude, “You are probably choosy, lower your standards”! The careless ones will give you a time bomb. “Pregnancy is already difficult beyond 35 and a lot more unsolicited advice”. Others sympathize, “It’s OK until forty, I even know someone who gave birth at 42”. 

 You are not alone.

How many among your friends, batch mates and colleagues are either in a relationship or planning to get married? The lucky ones are in fact married already, starting to build a family, raise kids. And yet here we are still searching for “the one”?

I have a lot of sleepless nights thinking and wondering who he is. “What is he like?”, “Is he out there”? Despite the questions playing in my mind, I still hope that I can find him, the man who will be with me forever. But how do you get the guy if you do nothing to find the one you are destined to?

Looking for “The One”

There are some of the things that you can do.

  • Go out with friends. Break your daily routine of going home directly from work. Sometimes you have to be with your friends and socialize. Grab all the opportunity to mingle and meet new people.
  • Travel. You need a break from work. Reward yourself by taking vacations, out-of town travels and using your passport every now and then to go to wonderful destinations. Go to places you have never been. Who knows, you will meet the person you are destined to be with unexpectedly. Click here to try out some of our travel destinations.
  • Install Dating Apps like Tinder. I know some of you may raise an eyebrow but there are sincere guys out there. You may encounter different types of men with different purpose. Some are looking for fun and/or fling. Most men are looking for someone to talk to, some are even looking for business partners. But once in a while you may bump into someone looking for a serious relationship.

Difficulty in Finding “The One” 

Why would I be single if I met one single guy at least. I simply don’t know why men who showed interest in me were in a relationship — with a girlfriend, married, or single father with an ex-wife still after him. Why are these men around me not happy with their relationship? And instead of making the relationship work, they jump into another commitment.

They told me that they were no longer with their partner to begin with. I somehow believed them as they were exerting effort to show affection. After I gave them my trust and invested feelings, the truth will come out and I end up heartbroken. To be honest, there was one guy who confessed early on. Probably because he saw my sincerity in getting to know him and he felt guilty.  Luckily, I have my friends beside me to give an advice that I do not deserve that kind of relationship. They are keeping my hopes high that in God’s perfect timing, the right person will come.

I have been hurt and lied to but I still believe in love. Day by day still, I am looking forward to meeting that someone I am praying for. And I know for certain that love is spontaneous. It will come when I least expect it. So for now, I will let go of the time bomb, let it explode somewhere and will just smile at the question “Why are you still single”?

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