The Old Grove Farmstead – Netherlands of Batangas

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The Old Grove Farmstead is a beautiful country side with magnificent landscape. Dutch Barns, lush greenery and tall trees beautify the surrounding. I found this perfect place to celebrate my birthday, I’m a bit sad since we cannot tag the kids along but also thankful that I get to spend quality time with my hubby.

This is the second year I’m celebrating my birthday in quarantine style, it’s been a family tradition to book for a vacation or staycation during my birthday. Unfortunately this pandemic has indeed rendered those itchy feet of mine restless. Last year I had to cancel our family staycation at Hotel Kimberly in Tagaytay. This year quarantine restriction was ease down and some tourist spots are already opening. I’m looking forward in celebrating my birthday in a resort in Laiya. I can already hear the sound of ocean waves and feel the sand in my toes. Then Covid cases started to rise again, implementing strict quarantine restrictions. It breaks my heart to cancel our reservation, my kids are very much looking forward to it but we have to prioritize our health and safety.

My eyes have constantly longed to see scenery, my thirst for a trip to unwind and distress is insatiable. I continue my hunt to find a sanctuary wherein I can relax for a day and enjoy my birthday. The Old Grove Farmstead is the Netherlands of Batangas. It’s a 5 hectare property that offers unique experience to everyone. The place will make you feel like you have been transported to The Netherlands. Indulge in the delightful scenery of the western countryside with a mix of old town experience.

Dutch Countryside

Upon entering you will be greeted by the windmill where the reception area is also located. Next to it is the big red barn, which is also a function hall. You can take a lot o great photos, good thing we arrive as early as 7:00 AM.

We still get to indulge in the beautiful morning sunshine and the cool breeze of Lipa. I took  peak inside the barn and it’s a good venue for parties, with a nice stack of wood and farm tools near the entrance which is truly an Instagram worthy spot.

The Old Grove Farmstead Attractions

The Old Grove Farmstead main attraction is their barn with a twist. White picket fences surround the barn, the grasslands are lush and soft. Adore the beauty of nature once you head to the manmade lake and get along with other farm animals such as ducks, peacocks, donkeys and sheep. It was a thrilling experience to feed the herd of sheep. I also learned that they love to eat crack corns. Sitting by the lake side and enjoying this peculiarly grand place is astounding.

Along the way, they also got a hanging bridge and a wishing well. Vibrant greens and flowers in full bloom in the upside hill of the farm. Greenhouse is packed with different varieties of lettuce and herbs. Further up the pathway, there’s a play ground and an area where you can ride bikes. While the swimming pools and playground is currently closed.

Harvest Café

Breakfast starts at 8:00 am at the Harvest Café, they offer pinoy style breakfast – Silog Meals with free flowing Kapeng Barako. Garlic Longganisa is the bomb, and definitely one of my favorite. While waiting for our breakfast to be served, we take more photos. They have a great homey and rustic interiors that’s perfect for any photo session.

Plan your visit to The Old Grove Farmstead located at Purok 5, U. Mojares St., Brgy. Lodlod, Lipa, 4217 Batangas.

Rates and Contact Details

Breakfast – P600/head
Lunch/Dinner – P800/head

Breakfast – P400/head
Lunch/Dinner – P600/head
Mobile: 09178952829 | 09391272347

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