Time to Invest in Blue Chip Stocks

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As prices of goods and services continue to rise due to inflation, the value of money continues to decline over time. It is an economic term that just means you have to spend more to fill your gas tank, to buy a sack of rice, or go to salon or resort hotel. That is to say, it increases your cost of living.

This will make an investing becomes an opportunity to grow your money and expect to generate an income. When it comes to investing you should view the stability of an organization or company especially if your investment will be for long term.

It must sustain a national reputation for quality, reliability, and the ability to operate profitability in good and tough times. And this is what you call Blue Chip Stocks.

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Blue Chip Meaning

The term “blue chip” derives from poker wherein the eminent and most valuable chip is blue. In the world of investment, blue chip companies are far to a gamble. Blue chip companies are said to be secure investments as there are history of posting earnings and paying dividends and you continue to gain profits over the years.

What are Blue Chip Stocks?

Are you looking for a list of blue chip stocks to invest with? These stocks come from various sectors such as bank, conglomerates, property, infrastructure, real estate, energy, etc. It is commonly included in Philippine Stock Exchange Composite Index (PSEi).

The PSEi measures the relative changes in the free float-adjusted market capitalization of the 30 largest and most active common stocks listed at the PSE. The selection of companies in the PSEi is based on a specific set of public float, liquidity and market capitalization criteria. Click this link to know more about PSE.

  1. AC – Ayala Corporation
  2. AEV – Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc.
  3. AGI – Alliance Global Group, Inc.
  4. ALI – Ayala Land, Inc.
  5. AP – Aboitiz Power Corporation
  6. BDO – BDO Unibank, Inc.
  7. BLOOM – Bloomberry Resorts Corporation
  8. BPI – Bank of the Philippine Islands
  9. DMC – DMCI Holdings, Inc.
  10. FGEN – First Gen Corporation
  11. GLO – Globe Telecom, Inc.
  12. GTCAP – GT Capital Holdings, Inc.
  13. ICT – Int’l Container Terminal Services, Inc.
  14. JFC – Jollibee Foods Corporation
  15. JGS – JG Summit Holdings, Inc.
  16. LTG – LT Group, Inc.
  17. MBT – Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company
  18. MEG – Megaworld Corporation
  19. MER – Manila Electric Company
  20. MPI – Metro Pacific Investments Corporation
  21. PGOLD – Puregold Price Club, Inc.
  22. RLC – Robinson Land Corporation
  23. RRHI – Robinsons Retail Holdings, Inc.
  24. SCC – Semirara Mining and Power Corporation
  25. SECB – Security Bank Corporation
  26. SM – SM Investments Corporation
  27. SMC – San Miguel Corporation
  28. SMPH – SM Prime Holdings, Inc.
  29. PLDT – PLDT, Inc.
  30. URC – Universal Robina Corporation

See also list of all stocks listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange.

Investment Platform

When it comes to investing, you will be needing an investment platform. It is usually an online service which allows you to buy, sell, and hold funds. In my case, I am using COL Financial when buying and selling of stocks.

COL Financial is now extending an online express when opening an account. Visit their website on how to open an account. Once you have opened an account, you can now start to grow your money.

You may also download Investgrams App on Google Play Store. It is a mobile app where you can check and monitor the position of stocks and its latest news. You can get access to different kind of investment and trading tools such as charts, screener, analysis, calculators and more.

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Today is the best time to start investing. It will help you to guarantee your long-term financial security and to reach your financial goals especially your retirement fund. Secure your future! Be financially literate.

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