Tips and tricks for online shopping

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Back in the 90’s, shopping is quite a tedious job. You have to go out, dress up and queue up on long lines. Stressful, isn’t it? Thanks to technology, we can now enjoy shopping anytime and anywhere. With the booming online shops, we will never run out of choices.

There are vast array of online shops, choosing the right one can be tricky.  Here are some quick tips and tricks.

Tips to being a savvy online shopper.

Choosing the right shop

Check reviews and recommendations by your trusted friends. Selecting the shop with most number of followers and high ratings is a must. This means that this shop is proven good and trusted.

Product selection

  • Same goes for the product itself, reviews and ratings will help you decide which one is which. Always check reviews with actual photos.
  • Watch out for promos and flash deals. Fact is, we have to consider which one is cost saving. If you opt for the cheapest one, don’t expect high quality item. What you pay for is what you get.
  • Shipping fee, payment option and delivery time. Most sites have free shipping based on amount of purchase (free SF for minimum of Php 500). I would recommend to choose COD payment just to be sure that you will not pay for nothing. Based on my experience, delivery time is usually earlier than the declared date. Be sure to have someone to receive and pay for the item in case you will not be around.

Chat seller before placing order

I highly recommend to send direct message to the seller and check product availability prior to placing your order. With this, you can also see how responsive is the seller. Sharing landmarks near your location will also speed up delivery (landmarks can be written on the delivery tag/sticker).

Choosing a courier

Some shops may have limited courier choices. Choose the best courier for you. Select the one with a branch near you, should there be any case that the rider can’t find your location, at least picking up the item won’t be a big hassle for you.

Tricks to save money and enjoy discounts.

Be on the lookout for DISCOUNTED items!!!

Shop at the right day

Retailers do know how tempting it is to shop on a lazy weekend afternoon. You’ll actually get surprised that your cart is full at the end of the day! Statistics says that most stores roll out discounts and special deals on Wednesday until Fridays so think thrice before you place your order.

Go for one-stop shop

Finding a shop that has everything you need like home essentials, beauty care products, baby items and other home stuff is a must. Buying in bulk will help you save cost, plus, shops usually offers freebies for bulk orders.

Refer friends

Shops like Lazada and Shopee has this referral reward system. By referring the app to a friend, you can get discount coupons you can use for your next shopping.

Downside of online shopping

My personal choice for online shopping is Shopee and Lazada. I can say that our overall online shopping experience has been great. While there might be a lot of advantages in online shopping, there are also negative points we can note.

  • Expectation versus reality
    It’s about how you manage your expectations. Don’t expect a high end product when in fact you only paid cents for it. Items posted may always differ from the actual product. This applies mostly for RTW (ready-to-wear) items. Color, sizes and actual fit is not as fabulous as you can imagine. You can always ask for actual photos from seller and inquire about the quality of material.
  • Delivery delays
    Yes, delay is inevitable especially during peak season so don’t go for rush shopping. Also, lead time varies per courier. You can chose your preferred courier before placing your order.
  • Item return or replacement
    It would be best if seller will shoulder the shipping fee for any material return but this is not always the case. Return policy is usually indicated in the seller’s page, be sure to check it out.

If you have had experience in online shopping that you would like to share, please feel free to send us a message. Please also like and follow our official FB page. Hope that you find this article helpful. For more fab finds and tips, follow our page here. Happy Shopping!

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