What Are Trade Shows and Why It Is Worth a Visit?

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Manila Food and Beverage Expo, Phil Construct, Travel Expo, Weddings and Beyond. Those are only some of the Trade Shows that I visited. Every Trade Shows has takeaways and worth a visit.

Whether you are looking for a good travel deal, as well as booking for event supplier or a business network it is always a good idea to visit Trade Shows. Allow me to share with you the advantages of attending Trade Shows.

What are Trade Shows?

An event organized for companies in specific industry who showcase their latest products and services is known as Trade Shows. It is commonly called as Trade Exhibit, Trade Fairs or Expo. It is an opportunity to meet industry partner and customers. You can also get updates on the latest market trend. Likewise big discounts on products and services are also up for grabs during Trade Exhibits.

What are the Advantages

Build Your Network

As we are all aware, having network connections are essential in every business. Trade boost opportunity to connect and mingle with both global and local market. Furthermore it is a haven for like minded people. They share or sometimes trade ideas. Exhibits break barriers through networking as it allows you to meet the business and people around.

Learning and Knowledge Gain

Depending on the business or sector you are working in, exhibits can be an amazing venue to polish your industry skills. Get a glimpse of the latest and trending innovations. Events like these are the grounds for opportunities to learn new things and gain additional knowledge. Most Exhibits offers trainings, seminars or talk conducted by the acclaimed professionals in the industry.


Trade shows and exhibits are great interactive environments. There are live product demonstration. Likewise you can also get to know more of the products or services prior purchasing. Similarly there is a high possibility to meet and talk to business owners, inventors and decision makers. Furthermore if you are looking for a customized product or service you can discuss your requirements with them for better understanding. Some can be a potential customer or a reliable business partner.


Know what your competitor is up to. Trade Shows gives a first hand glimpse on the latest trend in the industry. Aside from that, you would know who are your competitors and their focus area. Majority of successful business stories also started and marketed themselves through exhibits.

Business Opportunities

It is proven that majority of the people visiting exhibits are looking for suppliers. Exhibits are excellent place since they are under a single roof. There are vast opportunities to conduct business that’s why it’s recommended to see one.

Things you should do

  • Plan ahead. If you have limited time, list the particular exhibitors you might like to visit.
  • Pre-register. Not only it will save you money by registering in advance but you can also avoid the long queue.
  • Take advantage of everything that’s on offer – whether its freebies, conference sessions, talks from the experts or even raffle draws and games.
  • Be open to new ideas – Look around, listen and consider the new concepts and ideas that exhibitor offers.

There is an incoming Trade Exhibit under WOFEX, if you are interested to visit. Do check the details below or visit their website.

Learning something new leads us to new and different opportunities. A chance to try new experiences that might be the best ones you have ever tried. It could also be an avenue to potentially earn more money. It could further enhance your creativity in your work life from learning or experiencing something new.

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