Trier and it’s majestic tourist destinations;a quick glimpse

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To travel around the world has always been on of my bucket list. Europe in particular is a top choice. Such a luck that I get to visit Trier, Germany for free! Again, it was for business, just added with bits of leisure.

Welcome to one of Germany’s oldest city

An overview of Trier, Germany
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Trier lies in a hollow midway along Moselle valley, near the boarder of Luxembourg. Tagged as the Rome of the North and well known for it’s well preserved Roman monuments and medieval buildings. It’s also a proud home of 9 UNESCO heritage sites.

Luckily, the hotel where I’m staying which is Park Plaza Hotel is in the center of city. Right next to many of the tourist attractions in the area. The hotel itself is a must visit, they have very nice room, in-house bar & grill, excellent hotel service and of course a buffet of breakfast which is just great.

I am not a fan of reading history books, thus, I know little about Trier and the historic Roman empire. Now let’s see what Trier has to offer.

First is the Hauptmarkt, the market square in Trier which is just 3-minute walk way from Park plaza hotel. You’ll find lots of food and clothing stores in the area but it is quite a busy place in the afternoon until night time. It was so full of tourists and locals that I didn’t get a chance to have a nice photo. So, I decided to go back early the next morning.

Since I ‘m still off the grid and woke up at dawn, I had a quick walk in the market square and was amazed with the view. It is a breathtaking post card perfect scenery in the morning. A medieval town center which is a sight to behold. I would say this is the best time to capture the beauty of the place, just when half of the world is sleeping.

Hauptmarkt , Trier’s market square

High Cathedral of St. Peter

Next is the High Cathedral of St. Peter, it is the oldest church in Germany and the largest religious structure in Trier, famous for its long life span and magnificent design.  A Catholic church that dates back to Roman times; the Cathedral is home to the Holy Tunic, a garment said to be the robe Jesus was wearing when he died, as well as many other relics and reliquaries in the Cathedral Treasury

Sadly I didn’t get a chance to visit the Cathedral garden but I’ll make sure to explore it next time.

Cathedral garden
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Porta Nigra

Porta Nigra is a Latin translation for “Black gate”. It was built in grey sandstone after 170 A.D. and the largest Roman city gate north of the Alps. Today it stands next to the city’s main street. You can experience fascinating journey though time to Roman Trier 1800 years ago by the city’s guided tour “The Secret of Porta Nigra”. Ticket information available here.

Seeing architectural attractions such as the Porta Nigra, I suddenly felt like I have touched the rich collection of Trier’s history.

These tourist destinations are those I was able to explore on my short visit but wait, there’s more to what Trier has to offer.

Basilica of Constantine

Built by the great Emperor Constantine around 310 A.D. and had the name Aula Palatina. The basilica is equipped with underfloor heating system which heats up the huge space and keep anyone warm during winter. But this system has not been used since middle of 19th century. Today, Basilica hosts concerts several times a year.

Basilica of Constantine
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Imperial bath

A once hot pool with the view of elevation of Petrisberg.

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Who would not remember the gladiator contests? Yes, this is where it happened along with the animal shows. What’s a little freaky about this arena is the underground cellar wherein prisoners where sentenced to death.

Roman bridge

An ancient bridge over Moselle river and the oldest standing bridge in Germany. The upper part has been renewed twice after suffering destruction in war.

What a rich history, isn’t it? A guided tour around the city will give you more background information. Click here for details.

Hope you find this article useful. For more travel ideas and related article, follow our blog and we’ll keep you updated.

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