Vibrant coffee, an honest review by Vibrant Ailen

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Getting slim has always been my goal and it has been long and winding fitness journey for me. “Lulubog, lilitaw, pero madalas nakalubog, haha.” I have tried LCIF for a few months, I was then out of country without easy access to rice. It actually worked, until pandemic came.

Most of us are at home, working for regular hours, sitting all day. What else do we do? Eat all day. Home cooked food is always the best, so what else should I expect? More fats of course.

How I started by Vibrant journey

It was July when a good friend introduced me to Vibrant Wellness. I tried 2 boxes of coffee to see if it will actually work on me. On the first day, I actually noticed that I peed quite a lot. Like 8-10 times the whole day which is not usual for me. I felt thirsty the whole time so I had to take a lot of water to keep myself hydrated.

First week was a good start for me. Of course there was no evident effects yet but I felt good.

One thing I love about Vibrant coffee is the flavorsome taste, it’s something that you would love to repeatedly indulge in. It actually tastes like the coffee from famous coffee shops, even better. I decided to signed up for membership so I can avail of the 45% lifetime discount. I will not say that I am not into the business side of it, because honestly, I am. Who would not want to earn extra income right? But first, I want to try the product for myself.

What’s in my Vibrant cup of coffee?
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Bad thing is, it took quite a while before I received my membership package (14 boxes of Vibrant coffee). It was almost 3 weeks without Vibrant coffee so I was back to square one.  With the first box (again) , I felt weird because I honestly gained appetite. I was thinking then, why oh why? Shouldn’t I be losing my appetite?

I decided to read some testimonies and there is one who mentioned that she had the same reaction. So, I encouraged myself to continue. On the 4th box, that’s when I realized that I easily feel full right after drinking Vibrant coffee. Now I can skip a meal (either breakfast or dinner) or minimize my carb intake without a fuzz. That’s how the coffee works, that’s how it suppresses your appetite.

Did I change my eating habits?

A lot would ask, if I drink Vibrant coffee, do I still need to control my eating habits? For me, honest answer is yes. Though it will make you feel full, I still think that discipline is the key. Whatever diet you are in, you have to have self-discipline. A simple example would be, don’t eat when you’re not actually hungry. Eating should not be your pass time. The coffee can pacify your cravings. If you’re feeling hungry, drink a cup of coffee, it will surely help.

Aside from that, it also improved my digestion. Even before drinking Vibrant coffee, I regularly poop in the morning. With this coffee, I poop at least twice a day but it’s not that LBM which you can imagine. It’s just like your normal poop without your stomach rumbling.

Now, after 8 boxes of coffee, I finally got evident results. As you can see in the photo, it’s not that huge difference, but, it’s a working progress. Slow progress is still a progress!

One month Vibrant journey
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I have also tried Vibrant glow for 3 weeks now and it’s amazing how it gives me that literally vibrant glow. Instead of wondering if this will work for you, why not try and now and see it for yourself.

Have a Vibrant day! Till our next vibrant journey. Don’t forget to like and follow our blog.

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